YS Mixtape No. 3: Surviving Scorpio season

YS Mixtape No. 3: Surviving Scorpio season

Power through the week with tunes from half-lit, Shawn Wasabi, NIKI, Swim Deep, and Sam Smith.

There’s nothing like hearing a living, breathing person go OFF about why they love a song. YS Mixtape is a bi-weekly playlist of songs that Young STAR’s editorial team and contributors can’t get enough of. 


The start of November is always this weird limbo where you’re so so ready for a holiday, and yet are stuck at a desk counting down the days until you can finally watch your shows in peace. This week’s mixtape is a combination of upbeat, sunshine beats and smooth devastation (thank you, Austin Williams) to best represent that feeling. It is, dare we say, the perfect soundtrack to power through this Scorpio season. Press play, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride.  


backspace me by half-lit

Former YS cover girl (bbgirl?) BP Valenzuela recently released a new EP under her side project half-lit, and it’s exactly what I needed to get through the week. Lead single backspace me was originally released in 2014, and listening to it again now reminds me of days fueled by passion and possibility. — Gaby, online editor


Snack by Shawn Wasabi (feat. raychel jay)

Mr. Wasabi Hair has had me running on good vibrations lately with his summer-in-November cutesy pop collab with raychel jay. Snack’s so wholesome and happy and I hope it gets y’all in the mood too. — Enzo, contributor


La La Lost You by NIKI and 88 Rising

Tbh, I can’t really relate to this song as much as I hope. The LA- New York love story is one I have never experienced. Heck, I haven’t even been in a romantic relationship is such a long time. But when Niki sings “All my demons run wild, all my demons have your smile”, with her calm and clean vocals, layered with her distinct bedroom beats, I was a goner. I’m the type of person who listens to a song on repeat until I get tired of it, but I’ve been listening to this everyday for almost a week now and I’m still not tired of it. — Bea, editorial assistant


Bruised by Swim Deep

It’s hard to describe how much Swim Deep means to me. They kind of defined my coming-of-age years. Back then it was all about escapism with them, but with their new album “Emerald Classics,” it’s a little more raw and a lot more honest. Bruised sounds just like I remember them from when I was a teenager, but now Austin Williams is singing, “It’s one thing to admit when you’re feeling down, but to talk about it is something else.” It feels great to know we’ve sort of been growing and evolving parallel to one another. — Fiel, copy editor


I Feel Love by Sam Smith

The anthem of this year’s Scorpio season comes in the form of Sam Smith’s I Feel Love cover. Originally sung by the iconic Donna Summer, the track is a club-thumping, power-walking-to-work blast of a song that encourages some frisky business. The cover is hella gay, too (only in the best way possible, of course), so grab your disco heels and get on the dancefloor. — Neal, art director


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