#YSExclusive: Listen to the new Ourselves the Elves single, ‘Self is Universe’

Before you head to Ourselves the Elves’ album launch this March 16, how about a preview of what’s to come? Young STAR is pleased to premiere Self is Universe, the first single (and title track) off the band’s forthcoming full-length.

Composed of Alyana Cabral (vocalist and guitarist), Akira Medina (guitarist), Ponch Salvador (drummer), and Paula Castillo (bassist), the folk rock band has been around for almost seven years. “Self Is Universe” is their first full-length offering and second collection of songs since 2015’s “Geography Lessons” EP.

“This song was made in the aftermath of watching a heart-wrenching, mind-blowing episode of Rick and Morty,” says Alyana. “I was washing the dishes and this melody suddenly found its way inside my head as my mind was grueling over the possibility of infinite possibilities.”

They recorded a demo of it in Akira’s father’s home studio, then arranged it with the band before finally deciding to name the album after it. “This final recording retained the slight rawness and playful quality of the original demo we made, gladly,” she adds.

The rest of the “Self is Universe” album revolves around the idea of a person’s inner world and the universe around it. This time around, they tackle themes including but not limited to: entropy, planets, power, the ineffability of the human soul. Heady, cosmic stuff.

Expect the long-awaited album to be the end product of a period of the members’ individual growth. Akira emphasizes the band’s DIY sensibilities, saying that they wanted to let [old songs] mature and ripen for a few years.”


Listen to the single below:

Self is Universe
by Ourselves the Elves

nothing’s right and nothing’s wrong all along
but you won’t know until the end of the song
everything is real and everything’s not
but it doesn’t matter ’til the end of the plot
the world is not only about you
everyone’s afraid to run out of time
but who cares on the other end of the line?
people die and people are staying alive
but who’ll live long enough to see it with their eyes
the self is universe too
don’t you cry when you did not do your best
you were the one who set yourself for a test
don’t you quit when you’re all beat up and blue
there’s a whole lot of other versions of you
your alternate self
your other self will overcome you

Self is Universe comes out March 16. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp or grab a physical copy at their same-day launch at One Two Three Block Mandaluyong. RSVP here.


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