#YSObsessions: AO3 fanfics, a productivity app, a cool backpack, and… goats?

#YSObsessions: AO3 fanfics, a productivity app, a cool backpack, and… goats?

Message us for ‘You’ve Got Mail’ AU and goat video recs!

Welcome to #YSObsessions! Every other week, we at Team YS will be rounding up a list of our current favorites and recommendations, from books, movies, music, and games to a range of other stuff like online sensations, hobbies and activities, and maybe even our new favorite place in the whole world. Anything goes, basically, and we’re excited to share it all with you.

This week, we’re obsessed with an app that increases productivity, life-altering backpacks, an underrated tag on AO3, and… yes, goats. 

The Tide app

I’ve been trying to get better at focusing on one task at a time and the Tide app has been a big help in achieving that goal. It has a Pomodoro method-type of feature that helps you focus on one task for 25 minutes, complete with background music that should help you focus on your tasks. I’m a big fan of meditation so I’m really glad that it also has meditation guides which are all for free, unlike other apps. I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I’m already more productive than I was a week ago. Here’s hoping that this productive streak lasts for a lifetime. — Bea, editorial assistant

Tumi backpack

Even though I’ve been trying to gear away from backpacks, I can’t get over my Tumi backpack — it’s got seven organizer pockets, a key leash (for those who keep losing their keys in the bottomless pit that is a bag, a.k.a me), a waterproof compartment, and a leather top handle if you wanna look ~professional~. And did I mention it’s pretty good looking, too? It goes well with my usual shirt and shorts combo and the rare occasion of suiting up. Bag for your buck, I tell you. Get yours here. — Gian, editorial assistant

The secret identity fanfic trope

I won’t divulge exactly what I read on Archive of Our Own, but as someone who’s been reading fic for as long as she’s been on the internet, I’m still somehow discovering new tropes and tags that remind me why I love stories and the many different ways they can be told. Lately, that’s been the secret identity trope: a person running an anonymous advice column receives a question from his crush about how to woo him, two people dedicate songs to each other on the radio using code names and fall in love, a lonely student leaves paper planes everywhere that are actually secret admirer notes, You’ve Got Mail AU! The possibilities are endless (and endlessly charming, especially when the masks come off). My DMs are open — message me for recs. — Fiel, copy editor

Goats (yes. kambing.)

There is something quite sublime about watching this legion of goats take over this American suburb. Look at them trotting through the streets in formation, occasionally breaking the chain to trample on well-manicured lawns. The video is called “Goats escape into the neighborhood!“, and it deserves more exclamation points. 

But what business do these goats have near all these Caucasian homes? The video description explains: “Our homeowner association hires the goats for clearing vegetation between houses and in buffer zones next to the forest.”

So the goats are hired? How does that work, logistically? Are they well-compensated? Are they contractualized? Maybe this isn’t just about the allure of the fresh plants across the street. Maybe this is organized protest. Those goats are unhappy with their working conditions, and they’re here to fight for their freedom. How can we not stan? — Enzo Escober, contributor


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