#YSObsessions: Peppa Pig as a gay icon, a musical on Greek mythology, and other things we love this week

Welcome to #YSObsessions! Every other week, we at Team YS will be rounding up a list of our current favorites and recommendations, from books, movies, music, and games to a range of other stuff like online sensations, hobbies and activities, and maybe even our new favorite place in the whole world. Anything goes, basically, and we’re excited to share it all with you. 

This week, we can’t get enough of New Zealand pop, Peppa Pig as a new counterculture icon, the BT21 mobile game, songs from Hadestown, and (yes) Tumblr. 


I get a lot of sneers when people look over my shoulder (rude!) when I use my gadget to scroll through Tumblr. I know what you’re thinking: C’mon, Andi, it’s 2019! Listen, there’s still a lot of great content there. Granted, the interface is the exact opposite of user-friendly, I still consider it worth scrolling through when things are getting too stale (or more often than not, too heated) on Twitter. You’d be surprised at the reaction pics you can find out there, and not to mention the multitude of illustrators you wouldn’t normally find on other platforms. Also, I like feeling like I’m in 2012 because life really went downhill after the world didn’t end. – Andi, intern

“Fire on Marzz” by BENEE 

I want to say that I discovered BENEE through an elaborate music discovery process, but really, it was just by chance that I stumbled upon her. I found Glitter while listening to a random Spotify playlist and I was instantly hooked. I’m a sucker for songs that are vulnerable without being too slow and dragging, and this girl just gets it. Listening to this album from start to finish is a rollercoaster of feels, and I am living for it. – Bea, editorial assistant

Peppa Bacon (@peppabacon_twt) 

Earlier this week children’s T.V. icon Peppa Pig dropped her first album, aptly called “My First Album” on Spotify. The collection includes such hits as Expert Daddy Pig, Super Potato’s Theme, and the absolute banger that is Bing Bong Zoo. And as fitting as it is for any rising popstar, meme, and gay icon in this day and age, Peppa has a fansite. Since its creation, @peppabacon_twt has amassed upwards of 14,900 followers. The account is a semi-parody of a regular K-Pop fansite that posts crisp, severely edited photos of their idols and an update account. Peppa Bacon also has a bunch of hilarious edits of her with K-Pop idols (including her rumored girlfriend, Nayeon of Twice) — whether those are real or not is up to you. We stan. – Gaby, online editor

Hello BT21

I use my phone for reading more than anything, but every once in a while I get really into a mobile game, especially if it’s cute and low-maintenance. (Remember Neko Atsume?) The BT21 game, launched just this month by LINE Friends Corporation, combines elements of puzzle, strategy, town building, and character collecting, so there’s a little something in it for everyone. The graphics are vivid, bright, and detailed, and there’s just something soothing about watching these adorable creatures walk around and tapping them to read speech bubbles with the most wholesome quotes. – Fiel, copy editor

“Hadestown (Original Broadway Cast Recording)”

If you love Greek mythology and jazz like me, this Tony Award-winning musical is for you. Based on the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice (lovers but the girl died, guy got sad and sang a song about it, the gods were moved and gave them another chance but not without cost, a.k.a. your typical Greek love story), it places them in post-Great Depression America — one where gods fall out of love, where people find themselves imagining what the world could be. They released their cast recording in three drops, a first in the musical theater world, and the last one just dropped so you can listen to the whole thing now on Spotify. If you need a hook, listen to Wait for Me II — I guarantee you’ll want to listen to more. – Gian, editorial assistant

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