#YSObsessions: SB19, Mochamilk, The Tablo Podcast, smart home living, and cracking clay ASMR

#YSObsessions is a round up of our current faves and recos, from books, movies, music, and games to a range of other stuff like online sensations, hobbies and activities, and maybe even our new favorite place in the whole world. 

The Tablo Podcast

I like listening to people talk. If you know me IRL, you’d know that I’m more of a listener than a talker, and as such, I have grown fond of listening to podcasts everyday, no matter the topic. So when I discovered that Tablo, a.k.a. one of the rappers of Korean hip-hop group Epik High (which I am a big fan of) has launched his own podcast, I was ecstatic. Tablo is a big talker, and a songwriting genius, so to understand who he is behind his rapper and dad persona through this podcast is actually quite enlightening. He goes off topic a lot, and has a lot of TMI moments, but that’s just Tablo being Tablo, and I wouldn’t have him (and this podcast) any other way. Frankly, I could listen to him talk all day. — Bea, editorial assistant

Smart home living

A new place is always an excuse to try out new tech. Since I’m the one spending on furniture, I decided to invest in a few (well okay, a lot) smart home things. After I got a hub, I added a few lights, a smart extension cord, sockets, the works. I wish I could tell you I typed this down on my own, but when you’re living the smart home life, you’d want to use your AI for everything. I’m well into teaching it how to overthrow a government — will keep y’all posted. — Gian, editorial assistant

Cracking clay ASMR

I’ve had my fair share of accidentally falling into the trap of ASMR tags and explore suggestions on Instagram. Cracking clay is the latest and most creatively elaborate type yet: the destruction of soft molding clay sculpted to resemble cute characters or food items, beautifully painted and coated with clear nail polish. (That’s where the popping and crunching sounds come from.) It trips me up how much work and talent goes into it, and you have to wait a day for the polish to dry — but I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to see it all crushed in someone’s hand. The effect is kind of like iceberg slime and butter slime meets kinetic sand, and those are all my favorites. — Fiel, copy editor

Mochamilk’s latest video

Since appearing on my YouTube Recommended last week, I think I’ve seen the ‘my dogs meet baby sister for the first time’ video countless times. Posted by user mochamilk, it shows samoyed Wooyoo (a.k.a. Milk, a.k.a. the only influencer I trust) and pomeranian Mocha meeting their owner’s new baby for the first time. Watch if you’re in the mood for some wholesome content. — Gaby, online editor

Bonus: SB19 “Go Up” 2x Speed Dance Challenge

Ever since their Go Up dance practice video went viral last week, the five-member Korea-trained, Filipino boy group has been milestones faster than you can say . They posted this challenge — which is patterned after a typical South Korean variety show game — to celebrate their Go Up MV hitting one million views on YouTube. The video looks just like it belongs on VLive — from getting pizza as a prize, to the caption font style, down to the comedic timing. Someone give their editor a raise. I guess we have no choice but to stan. 

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