#YSRecos: How to set up the ultimate home viewing party

Art by Neal P. Corpus

Netflix’s goal is to make the whole TV experience simple, intuitive, and easy for its users. Netflix, together with Young STAR, have a few tips and tricks to help you set up the ultimate viewing party at home (or wherever you are, really).


1. For college students

Visit a friend who has a PS4 and nicely ask him to take a break from playing 2k17. Remind him that you still both need to write a reflection paper on Black Mirror for class. Share your Netflix account, volunteer to bring food, and remember to leave space for Jesus. *wink*

Pro-tip: Stop leeching off of your neighbor’s WiFi and commit to an Internet service provider. This way you won’t have to deal with buffer breaks because of shared internet.

Shows/movies you can watch together with your friends: Riverdale, Unfriended, Crashing

2. For hip millennial start-up business people

To take a breather from all the work, we suggest having a weekly viewing party at the office. Bring out that Apple TV, set up the office sound system, and order boxes of pizza (get beer too if your boss is cool like that.) This way, you can all enjoy one show without spoilers from your officemates.

Pro-tip: If you don’t have an Apple TV, a laptop and projector can do the trick. The bigger the screen, the better, right?

Shows/movies you can watch with your officemates: Designated Survivor (New episodes weekly), Mindhunter, The Punisher (soon on Netflix)

3. For family guys

First of all, we’re pretty sure that you’re the token tech-slash-internet person in the family. And to fully enjoy your family’s Smart TV, they’re going to need you to set that up. As a reward, you’ll have all the bragging rights and TV privileges for figuring everything out.

Pro-tip: If you’re babysitting your bunso, choose the “Kids” tab on Netflix. They have interactive shows like Puss in Boots that will keep your sibling busy for a couple of hours.

Shows/movies you can watch with your family: Stranger Things, Minions, Peppa Pig


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