Apr-May 2017

Editor's note

In one scene of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise, Jesse and Céline come across a poster promoting an exhibit for the works of painter Georges Seurat. You might’ve seen one of his paintings: “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte,” the one with the people at the park.

“I love the way the people seem to be dissolving into the background,” Céline remarks, pointing at the sketches on the poster. “It’s like the environments, you know, are stronger than the people. His human figures are always so transitory.” She checks with Jesse to affirm if she’s chosen the right adjective, the best word to describe a situation being stronger than what inhabits it.

The theme of this issue’s The Youth is On Fire is all about transience, the state of things not lasting forever, but Céline’s understanding is also true. People, places, objects, memories, relationships — all of these things are beholden to some greater force. Each of the writers and artists here have wrestled with this reality in their own ways, whether it be through joy, sorrow, or simple fascination.

We hope these works stay with you for a long time. A long time is, after all, all we have.

— Team YS

The theme for the next issue is At Rest. You can submit an illustration, a photograph, a poem, an essay, a song, or whatever output you wish you to share with other creative kids. This is your platform to show your work and an opportunity to hone
your craft.



Issue 4:

All the time that we have is all that’s necessary. There’s something poignant about the ephemeral, and in this issue, we capture it all: feelings, states of mind, moments slipping through our fingers, only for their memories to last us a lifetime.

Issue 3:

The best thing about diversity is that it keeps us together. This issue is all about that: our continued unity despite (and because of) our differences, finding goodness in others, and becoming linked through art. Come join us — there’s always room.

Issue 2:
Blank Space

If life has taught us anything, it’s that we carry on the only way we know how. In the second issue, we look to the possibilities and garner new perspectives. Times may be rough, but we can always tune out and turn around.

Issue 1:

Firsts and fresh starts. Issue one celebrates the innocence and intricacies that come with beginnings — the hard work, the little shifts and changes, the triumphs and hardships, the need to do better. Let’s do it together, shall we?

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