10 gift ideas from Bratpack that’ll make you gift giver of the year

10 gift ideas from Bratpack that’ll make you gift giver of the year

Make your nice list feel how we do the #HolidayOurWay — yourself included.

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No matter the season, the youth can always count on Bratpack for an ever-fresh selection of apparel, shoes, accessories, and fun novelty products, and the holidays are definitely no exception.

If you’ve run out of gift ideas for your nice list, then you’re in luck because we made this nifty little guide to help you give your loved ones a taste of a holiday done your way — the kind that revels in the spirit of the season in a way that best suits each of our unique preferences and personalities. Whether you embrace old traditions or are up to create new and unconventional ones, it’s a holiday of your own as long as it has celebrations, gratitude, and giving at its heart.

Read on for a different take on what you can give to your constants (hopefully make ticking off your list easier for you).

For that one friend with the best visual content

We think the most #aesthetic person in your life would love this. Bratpack recommends the Polaroid Lab so they can up their content game further in time for 2020.

For that one friend who has fully embraced tita-hood

 Bratpack recommends the Aroma Botanicals Fragrance Set or Happy Island Soy Candles. These scent-enhancing goodies are sure to put a smile on her face!

For that one friend with great conversation skills

Bratpack recommends the Parkland Remy Terra or the Sakroots Crossbody Foldover Bag. With these eye-catching bags that each pack a meaningful cause, your friend will definitely have a new topic to include in their repertoire.

For that one friend who’s definitely not a light packer

It doesn’t matter where this person’s going. Whether it’s a party or a quick mall meet-up, they carry everything with them — and by that we mean, everything! Bratpack recommends the JanSport Full Pint or Osprey Transporter Zip Tip Pack so they can overpack in style.

For that one friend who’s game for every. Single. Party. (Like, how???)

A bona fide social butterfly, this friend is who everyone counts on for a great time. For the life of the party, Bratpack recommends the Herschel Fifteen Hip Pack for all their late-night adventures.

For that one friend who always RSVPs for 2

Bratpack recommends the latest MRKT Adams or Fjallraven Vardag packs so that they can always stay coordinated like the true #couplegoal that they are.

For that one friend who’s trying to eat healthier

While you will never find the time and energy to pack your own meals daily, you can always show your support to your friend who does. Bratpack recommends the Corkcicle Baldwin Boxer and Adair Crossbody lunch bags so they can stay stylish even when they bring their baon to the party.

For that one friend who has perfected the French exit

The last time you checked, none of your friends are French, but you sure have one who’s so good at disappearing during parties. Bratpack recommends the Dr. Martens Adrian Tassel Loafers, since they seem to like stepping out so much.

For that one friend who’s always thirsty

Always on their toes and hard at work, no wonder your friend’s always thirsty! Bratpack recommends Hydro Flask bottles as a way to remind your friend to always stay hydrated.

For that one friend who’s friends with literally everyone

Everywhere your friend goes, there’s definitely someone who’ll recognize them! To the most famous person next to a celebrity you’ll ever be friends with, Bratpack recommends the Faith and Fearless PVC Pop and PVC Tote to make them stand out even more!

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