5 ways Tito Sotto is not your typical senator

5 ways Tito Sotto is not your typical senator

Why is this dude in office again?

Just this week Tito Sotto, Senate President, threatened a national broadsheet with a lawsuit if they don’t take down three articles which implicate him in the rape (or murder?) of Pepsi Paloma. Such boldness, much wow. Here’s five other things no one else in the Senate has done.

He gets pikon when you call him out on Twitter.

To this day he still denies plagiarizing back in 2012. You know it’s bad when a Kennedy had to demand a public apology. Philippines — more fun, more plagiarists. Represent!

Apparently, being called on your BS bites, especially when it’s done by thousands of tweets. Claiming that he was “the first ever public official to be victimized by cyberbullying”, he sneakily inserted libel into the proposed Anti-Cybercrime law designed to protect the vulnerable from online predators. Unfortunately, Tito Sotto – 1, Filipinos – 0, because the bill with the libel provision was signed into a law that September. We were so hornswoggled, even the UN declared it excessive.


He repeatedly screws women over with his fondness for rape jokes.

In national TV, an Eat Bulaga contest winner opened up about being raped by her husband’s friends while drunk. To an audience of millions, Senator Tito Sotto replied: “Kababae mong tao, pa-shot shot ka?” (You’re a lady, why are you doing shots?) Guess who else was gang raped? Pepsi Paloma.

But I guess consistency is key. When our President made another rape joke (in front of the ultra-macho Philippine Army), Tito Sotto defended him.


He shamed a Social Welfare Secretary for being a single mother… in a Senate hearing.

In her own Commission of Appointments hearing, former Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo was told: “In street language, when you have children and you are single, ang tawag do’n ay na-ano lang.” This Martial Law activist? This women’s studies professor? Nah, she just got knocked up.


Tito Sotto, a Senator, slyly cut the budget for contraception allocated by law because he lost the fight against the RH Bill.

In 2016, four years after the passage of the Reproductive Health law, Congress insiders named Tito Sotto as one of the key proponents in the defunding of the DOH’s budget for contraceptives by P1 billion. The budget was already passed and approved, so the DOH was surprised by the budget cut after it was finalized. Sotto claimed that it was because of the Supreme Court’s restraining order, going so far as to claim that the budget for the contraceptives was misused. I believe the citizens of the internet will call this Galawang Hokage.

When activist Sylvia Claudio flatly called him a thief and named him as the cause for the cut, he threatened to sue her. Kindly refer to item #1 of this list.


Tito Sotto, a Senator, told a gay dad named Diamond that he should stay in the closet so his kids won’t be bullied.

The Senator is famously anti same-sex marriage, believing it to be a violation of the Family Code and of his, uh, “Catholic” beliefs. Of course, Jesus never said the gays can’t marry.  

But of course, this is the Senator who told a gay dad, Diamond, to go back in the closet. In national television. With an audience of millions. Diamond asked for advice in Eat Bulaga’s “Problem Solving” segment on how he can spare his eldest son from being bullied in school for having a gay dad.

Spare us all from this stupidity, O Lord.



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