The new 8Cuts menu introduces some truly hunger-busting meals

The new 8Cuts menu introduces some truly hunger-busting meals

Nothing like a seventh birthday party with friend chicken, dessert, and more.

Art by Neal Corpus


Sound the alarm: There is a new menu at 8Cuts. Not that their existing menu was bad — I mean, their burgers are possibly still the best in town — but for their seventh anniversary (That’s a school-age kid already!), they’re mixing things up with some new things to offer. 

We got to try the new menu at their relocated Greenbelt 2 location (you’ve probably been to it: the two-storey glass building that used to be a yogurt shop — Makati OGs know), and boy, it’s a doozy. There are more rice meals, more daily steals, and some new desserts, too. And just like their burgers, the new dishes are big on size and big on flavor.

Let’s start with the appetizers: first on the new menu is the Thigh Poppers, boneless chicken bites with a salt and pepper coating and a choice of a bleu cheese or ranch dip. They also come in a BBQ bacon butter flavor, which gets you greased up just the right amount for the meal ahead. There’s also the Loaded Tex Mex Nachos, which used to be a Greenbelt exclusive, but is now making its way into the regular menu across all locations. It’s pretty standard nachos, but be warned: it’s a big serving. Share it with two or more friends unless you want to be bundat even before you get to the mains.

Speaking of mains, there’s quite a laundry list of new things. The classics are still there, of course (The Piggy 4eva, baby), but these new dishes are well worth a try. First is the Heavyweight Fried Chicken, and let me tell you that they aren’t lying when they say heavyweight. Each piece (it comes with two pieces standard, with the option of adding a third) is about the size of two small fists combined. As good fried chickens go, these are très juicy and very tender with deliciously crispy skin.

Not for the faint-hearted. The Gut Buster is a piece of fried chicken, house rice, a side of skinny fries or onion rings, and a burger bomb patty in one plate.

If that chicken’s got your mouth watering but you still want a burger (I mean, what else would you go to 8Cuts for?), they’ve got the Gut Buster for you. It’s got a piece of fried chicken, house rice, a side of skinny fries or onion rings, and a burger bomb patty. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is — don’t get this unless you’re all-caps HUNGRY. Other gut-busting options include The Thigh Breaker, which serves up Thigh Poppers, house rice and salad, and skinny fries or onion rings. There’s also The Party Animal, a.k.a. 8Cuts’ adult version of the classic Pinoy birthday party meal: Party Spaghetti (now made less sweet from their original recipe), Thigh Poppers, a cheeseburger slider, and a side of skinny fries or onion rings. I’m smacking my lips just thinking about it.

Most of these meals are also available as solo dishes, like the fried chicken and the Burger Bomb. The Thigh Poppers only come as an appetizer, but if you’re keen on making it ulam — I mean, why the heck not — just order a side or rice and you’re good to go. But the true big boy of ulams in this new 8Cuts menu comes in the form of the BiggerThan-Your-Face Fried Pork Chop, which is, quite literally, bigger than your face. I’m not kidding.

The BiggerThan-Your-Face Fried Pork Chop is the the true big boy of ulams.

The burger front also has a few new things to offer: The Four Cheese 2.0, which you can imagine is very full of cheese, and The Meathead, which is all meat and no veggies, for those of you who are averse to eating leaves on burgers. They also finally have a chicken burger in the form of the BBQ Bacon Butter Chick ‘Wich. But most exciting is the option of now being able to make any burger patty a burger bomb patty. Imagine a cheeseburger with a cheese patty! Or The Piggy with a cheese patty! The possibilities are drool-drippingly endless.

No Mo’ Heartbreak, which is basically a platter of cookies à la mode, but with bite-sized Mo’ Cookies

And last, but definitely not least, are the desserts. I’m not a sweet tooth myself, but even I couldn’t resist indulging in 8Cuts’ two new desserts: an ube shake that takes after its cousin Manam’s version, and what 8Cuts calls the No Mo’ Heartbreak, which is basically a platter of cookies à la mode, but with bite-sized Mo’ Cookies. I’ve gotten pretty full all over again telling you about all this food, but let me tell you: I can’t wait to go back for more.

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