A retrospective of our favorite online videos from the 2010s

A retrospective of our favorite online videos from the 2010s

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There’s nothing quite like getting lost in YouTube Narnia at 2 a.m. and getting invested in a video you’d never expect to be hooked on. There’s always new beauty channels that make the art of makeup look so easy, cooking channels to help fuel your cravings, K-pop dance crazes, and of course, who can pass up the viral YouTube sensations we love so much? YouTube lets us have the world at our fingertips, and with just one click, we get to see the well-crafted videos created by strangers from all over the world.

YouTube Rewind and Google’s Year in Search made us feel all tingly and gooey inside when it did a throwback of all the top moments of the year, so we took it up a notch and asked some of our fave YouTubers about their top YouTube videos of the decade (plus some honorable mentions from yours truly). There are some videos that you may have also watched and laughed at, some that left you in awe over its production, and some you just watched out of sheer curiosity.

Gigi Esguerra

GigiEsguerra on YouTube

I’m Gay — The Try Guys 

Eugene Lee Yang of Buzzfeed has been one of the most interesting YouTube personalities ever since the dawn of the video site. I’ve always admired him because of his frank yet adorable behavior, but honestly, I did sense that something within him was being repressed. I felt it because that’s how I was before. Of course, I was not there to impose someone else’s sexuality but I felt like there was something within him still waiting to get unleashed — then the coming out video came out. Finally I saw one of my idols truly spread his wings and show his true colors to his following. 

I was so happy when I first watched because as a transgender woman, nothing delights me more than seeing my fellow LGBTQ+ members finally come to terms with their sexuality and the reality they are in. What he did will eventually ripple on to other LGBTQ+ people who are still afraid of coming out. He became a voice for others, a mechanism for change. I hope that in the next year, more and more people will make efforts to help other LGBTQ+ people bring out their truth because doing so is the most liberating thing ever.

 Salve Villarosa

Cuckoo for Books on YouTube

My Plastic Surgery Experience — KerriTheBookBelle 

My favorite would have to be My Plastic Surgery Experience by KerriTheBookBelle. Kerri was a new YouTube friend I made last year, and when she came out with this video sharing her experience, it really opened my eyes. She talked about how it wasn’t necessarily a health concern, but it wasn’t for purely aesthetic purposes either. It made me realize that we’re so quick to preach body positivity and yet be just as quick to judge those who alter their appearance. She was so down-to-earth and realistic about the process in her video and you could tell that, post-op, her confidence shot way up. It was just such an enlightening video, and I couldn’t take my eyes away the whole time I was watching it.

Jake Espina

It’s Jakey on YouTube

Team Kramer New House Tour — Team Kramer 

Probably the best 38 minutes of uninterrupted browsing on YouTube this 2019. Ang lala ng short attention span ko but this ad me hooked the whole time. We have different reasons why we go to YouTube, but I think we can all agree that, ultimately, we just want to feel something. And this video will make us feel all sorts of things. So if you want to smile, laugh, be inspired and motivated, and umiyak nang very light, go grab your favorite guilt-free chips and watch this video.

Hershey Neri

HeyHershey on YouTube

Aling Nelia vs Tala Dance Moves — Rom Melo

My favorite 2019 video (aside from my Booster Pump video *wink wink*) is definitely the Tala vs Aling Nelia Feud. In the short video, a group of bagets dance to Sarah Geronimo’s Tala in protest against Aling Nelia, a woman who demands to put an end to the neighborhood volleyball match. A lot of things transpire within 29 seconds: there are policemen standing beside Aling Nelia, a person shouting “Grabe naman kayo Aling Nelia, kawawa naman ang mga kabataan dito!” — and finally, a group of LGBTQ+ members unifying, and then breaking into a song and dance number. By the end of the video, there’s a grandma laughing and dancing along, too. It’s like a crazy musical set in real life — kabahan ka na, Glee!

Decoding the ancient astronomy of Stonehenge — Vox 

I am an avid fan of Vox and this video is one of the first ones that I watched on their channel. While most informative videos tend to be in-your-face didactic, Vox has mastered the art of reeling in their audience with straight-to-the-point and creative ways of spreading information. I love how the host (an Asian woman!) talks about Stonehenge while she’s building a model kit — how lax and conversational it all is — and I definitely found my inner nerd and read up on the Stonehenge for days after watching this video. — Bea Amador

Making Perfect Season 2: Thanksgiving — Bon Appétit 

When I discovered Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel this year, it felt like finding my new favorite TV show. With a lot of series on their channel (Gourmet Makes deserves its own shout-out), your best bet for their ultimate BA Test Kitchen video is their Making Perfect series, where they bring all of their chefs — outside their own respective shows — together to create what could be the perfect recipe for a particular dish. They tackled pizza on the first season, and now they’ve made their version of a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. You know how awesome it was when all the Marvel superheroes came together and made Avengers? It’s exactly like that — but with recipes and a barkada of chefs (which, if I’m being honest, is the Young STAR team if we were chefs). As a frustrated cook, it’s always nice to sit down and check what they’re up to: it’s almost like they’re my friends now, too. I also get pretty good recipes, so it’s a double-win! — Gian Nicdao

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