Ateneo BlueREP’s ‘Bring It On: The Musical’ is full of school spirit

Ateneo BlueREP’s ‘Bring It On: The Musical’ is full of school spirit

They’ve got S-P-I-R-T, yes they do!

Ateneo Blue Repertory’s 28th Season Newbie Production, Bring It On: The Musical, is full of spirit — or, as the school mascot chanted, S-P-I-R-T. The light-hearted musical is loosely based on the cult-classic film by Jessica Bendinger. Following former cheerleading captain Campbell (Giulia Martinez) learn the ropes of a new school to form a new squad, the play explores how competition evokes camaraderie, inspires powerful friendships, and pushes its characters to grow in self-esteem. 

If you’ve listened to Hamilton or In the Heights, then you’d immediately pick up that the music and lyrics here are composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It was refreshing to see cheerleading stunts and chants infused with witty raps — who would’ve thought that you could incorporate all those flips and lifts into musical theater?  Giulia’s performance as Campbell was stable and preppy all throughout, even in a memorable scene where she’s urged to dance in a Leprechaun mascot costume. Her chemistry with co-star Nikki Bengzon (who plays Danielle) showed that they were having genuine fun. 

Visually, all that spirit was tied together by Von Carolino’s costume and makeup design (I still can’t get over those cute red cheerleading outfits!).

Though I was never a cheerleader, watching the musical brought back all the Intrams and Sabayang Pagbigkas energy from my high school days. Thanks to Abi Sulit and Franco Ramos’ direction, I left the Rizal Mini Theater with bits of that spirit from the cast and crew, energized to chase after my own dreams with a fierce face and the urge to maybe even sing and dance a little along the way. 



Bring It On: The Musical runs from Nov. 7-24, 2019 at the Rizal Mini Theater, Faber Hall, Ateneo de Manila University. For more details, you may contact Ateneo Blue Repertory through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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