Fiel Estrella

April 28, 2020

What does getting proper education mean when we’re facing a pandemic?

Inclusivity and students’ welfare should be universities’ top priority, but they seem to have been cast aside.
April 8, 2020

What growing up with two Ates taught me about how women are raised

Modern girls always get their way.
April 3, 2020

On learning to live under quarantine, and refusing to be defined by it

We need to keep moving, but we also need to keep track of where we are.
March 24, 2020

How I found my way back to the hobbies I’ve loved and lost

Why do we always think it’s so hard to start again?
March 17, 2020

Help COVID-19 frontliners and patients through these donation drives

You can stay indoors and still do your part.
March 6, 2020

‘I Am Not Okay With This’ reimagines the origin story of an unlikely teen (anti-)hero

Don't you dare call Sydney Novak a basket case.
February 22, 2020

Some missed connections are never meant to meet

What happens when you really like someone but you don’t even know his name?
February 9, 2020

How does Gabbi Garcia embody the Keds Girl?

There’s nothing like white sneakers with a jean jacket.
January 29, 2020

An award-winning short film captures human connections through the lens of a photo booth

Filmmaker Trishtan Perez breaks down the story behind the story.