Conquer yoga, barre, and dance with upgraded workout apparel from Nike

Conquer yoga, barre, and dance with upgraded workout apparel from Nike

We put its expanded Yoga Collection to the ultimate test.

I have a confession to make: I don’t like going to yoga classes as much as people think I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my asanas. But like most people, the hour before any workout is always the toughest if only because there’s always the temptation to just do it “another time.” I know, I know. There are a lot of factors to consider when making such a crucial decision — the traffic, the energy I have left, the teacher, the list goes on. But when you find yourself in desperate need of instant motivation, putting on a cute and comfy workout fit is always a good start.

I got to try on some of the new designs from the Nike Yoga collection. Yes, it’s a sportswear collection engineered specifically for yoga and other studio workouts (dance and barre), much like how they use technology to design running shoes for maximum performance. I know what you’re thinking: “Can’t I just use the gym clothes I already have?” Well, yes, you technically can. The difference in function isn’t as drastic as, let’s say, using soccer cleats for playing basketball. But the added benefits really come from the little details, and in a practice like yoga, it’s the small adjustments that make all the difference.

We put the Nike Indy sports bra in pink, the 7/8 training tights in celestine blue and the training tank in gray to the ultimate test in a series of yoga flows. Here’s what we thought about it:

Nike expands its Yoga Collection with upgraded staples for studio workouts like yoga, barre and dance. | Photos by Tin Sartorio

Fit first, color second

I like a little compression in the upper part of my body and the Indy sports bra’s bandeau design is right up my alley. It keeps the twins perfectly in place throughout a Rocket Yoga sequence (yes, transitions and all!) and I never have to worry about unwanted nip slips while practicing my wheel pose. The adjustable straps are also so underrated that there should be a petition to incorporate it in more sports bras, tbh. The training tights’ high waistband is also one of my favorite features. It gives just enough compression on my core but also enough stretch when needed. As for the training tank, it makes for a good pre- and post-yoga cover-up because of the back slit. I like it the most because it acts as ventilation after a hot flow, and it’s also cute enough to wear out when buying a post-yoga smoothie. As a person whose closet is made up of mostly black pieces, I appreciate the fun color ways of the Nike yoga collection. I’m not one to show up in the yoga studio in a pastel pink and blue outfit combination, but it feels good to wear a bit of color every once in awhile

Top picks: The Nike 7/8 training tights in celestine blue, the training tank in gray and the Indy sports bra in pink.

Stretch it and support it

Besides falling flat on my face from an inversion practice, my second biggest yoga fear is ripping my leggings when practicing my Chinese splits. I’m totally not kidding because — guess what? — it’s already happened to me before. After that one little incident, I’ve been very particular about the bottoms that I wear. If I’m not in double layers of shorts, you’ll find me only in leggings like the 7/8 training tights that offer medium thickness. Like I also mentioned, its high waistband gives the perfect balance of compression and stretch, perfect for when I do back-to-back ashtanga and yin classes.

The Indy bra’s one-piece pad and bonded seams offer the smoothest padding you’ll ever have the privilege of wearing. It gives enough lift (we all love a perky moment) and a comfortable hug that gives you the right confidence.


In it for the long run

Like most people, I only own a few workout pieces that I put into heavy rotation. Being a person who sweats so much even during a gentle flow, I invest in workout wear that will last me more than just a few machine washes. It’s important to get staples that will last you a lifetime, and that comes down to the quality of the materials used. And with a brand that’s perfected performance wear like Nike, you can just bet that all the pieces form the yoga collection will last you for a long time. Wouldn’t it be great to wear the same pieces in your “before and after” workout progress pic?


The Nike Yoga Collection is available at all Nike Park stores nationwide.

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