The Drag Race All-Star Fantasy Draft

The Drag Race All-Star Fantasy Draft

From fierce to fiercest, we come up with our dream RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars season.

With RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars now on its fourth season — can you believe? — it’s crazy to think how many queens we’ve already gotten to know all these years. We’ve got our favorites and of course, ones we’d like to drown in a river.

Seeing some of them back on All-Stars is always fun to watch, because the new chemistry makes for great entertainment. So if we had to cast our dream All-Stars cast, who would they be? Number six might just surprise you.

LaGanja Estranja (Season 5)

Yaaaaas mamaaaa. Okay, hear me out. LaGanja might actually be the most annoying queen ever, but she had her merits. I can’t remember them right now, but I will soon. But love her or hate her, she’s definitely one of the most memorable queens to ever come out of the show. I think the world deserves to see her act like a fool once again.


The Vixen (Season 10)

I felt a little bad for The Vixen during her season, because it really looked like she got the Villain Edit. I mean, who else would enjoy getting pissed off by Eureka freaking O’Hara? Her drag may not have been impeccable, but I appreciate a queen who doesn’t back down. Plus, I’d love to see her clap back at LaGanja’s many LaGanja-isms. I can already imagine the GIFs.

Courtney Act (Season 6)

While she totally doesn’t need it, joining All-Stars might just be Courtney’s Drag Race redemption. This fishy queen was mostly boxed in as a queen who could sing and act (and I mean, she really could) but she also presented some sickening runway looks — that Art Deco tuxedo lewk still gives me fever dreams. Unfortunately, she ended up in the same season as Bianca Del Rio. Otherwise, I think she’d kill it.

Willam (Season 4)

Willam’s one of those polarizing queens — you either love her or want to kill her. While watching season four, I shifted between these two emotions. I loved her confidence, but I found myself rolling her eyes whenever she rested on her designer clothes for her runways looks. (I mean they were good, but that’s like making Bill Gates join a high school science fair. Too straight?) After getting disqualified during her season, we never really knew if Willam could go far in the race. Time to find out.

Delta Work (Season 3)

During Delta’s season, she was part of a group called the Heathers (with Raja, Manila Luzon, and Carmen Carrera) in which they called queens that they deemed inferiors “boogers.” Delta may have had an okay performance in her season, so it’s high time she prove that she really is drag royalty. And by the way, the bitch won an Emmy. She won’t go down without a fight.

Charlie Hides (Season 9)

Is there anything we love to hate more than a killjoy? Lip syncing for one’s life is an integral part of Drag Race culture, but one Charlie Hides refused to take part of. “Most performers in the UK don’t lip sync,” he claims after an uber bizarre performance of Britney Spears’ I Wanna Go. So why bring her back? Well, I guess someone needs to be eliminated first.

Porkchop (Season 1)

Speaking of someone who actually was eliminated first, Victoria “Porkchop” Parker is famous for being the first ever queen to get booted out of Drag Race. If she were to join All-Stars, would our good sis actually make it to a Snatch Game episode?

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