‘Fess your feels with 8-bit fiction’s digital love cards

‘Fess your feels with 8-bit fiction’s digital love cards

Sometimes, a sticky note is not enough.

Art by 8-bit Fiction

When it comes to budding relationships, the first hurdle is usually the actual confession. How does one exactly confess his or her feelings? A sticky note (on a burger) would be fine, but that’s quite difficult to pull off when the one you like is a.) a vegetarian, or b.) lives a million miles away. There’s also this fear of rejection that’s constantly looming over our heads, but we’ll never know unless we try, right?  

Take advantage of the love bug going around this February to finally confess what you have been holding off for so long. Maybe your crush has been waiting for it too. For extra cutie points, we tapped our faves from 8-bit fiction to design digital love cards for our (would-be) Valentines. Their Twitter account @8bitfiction is a goldmine of both heart-wrenching and heartwarming images that hit us right in the feels. If you know about them, chances are your crush does too. Everybody likes subtly cheesy acts of love; who knows, this might be the key for that sought-after coffee date (or two) with your long-time crush.

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