Five e-date ideas to shake up your quarantine love life

Five e-date ideas to shake up your quarantine love life

All you need is some creativity and an internet connection.

Art by Christina Cawad


Love in the time of Coronavirus. That’s the hot topic, isn’t it? A modern struggle, a loss of control over whether or not we can still see the friends and family outside of our households. We ought not to leave our homes, what more date nights? We ought to be wary of the bodily fluids of others, what more intimate exchanges? 

As everything starts to play out like a Black Mirror episode, it’s only apt that the internet ended up being the thing that kept us (somewhat) together and tore us apart all at once. For those lucky enough to have access to the internet, it’s instrumental in connecting with far-away loved ones, and it’s especially important to those who normally prefer quality time. Technology has blessed us with some of the tools we can use to help deepen our relationships with other people. So whether you’re looking for a cute way to catch up with an old friend, or you’re looking to test if what you have with that guy in your DMs is real, here are a few ways you can shake it up the e-date game from the usual Netflix Party.

Hit the club on IMVU 

IMVU is a free online game where you can create avatars and enter chat rooms that are presented as physical spaces in the game world. It’s a lot like SecondLife with stripped down features and an early 2000’s celebrity club aesthetic. The game encourages the player to act as influencers, so if you know a thing or two about Gay Instagram drama you can always rehash that beef with your in-game avatars. Or, you know, a classic kembot fest in the virtual club.

Soundtrip and chill on Discord 

Discord is a free voice chat app, targeted to gamers, that allows you to toggle between group calls easily with an interface similar to Slack. One of my favorite Discord features is the ability to add music bots to your server. Services like RhythmBot allow you to queue music from YouTube, and listen with your ka-tropas all at the same time. Being able to listen to your partner react to your selections is priceless, and the transient nature of the queue can make the experience all the more meaningful.

Make that cooking class happen 

Whether it’s that frothy coffee tiktok or wise words from our good sis Claire Saffitz, experiment together with what you can whip up in the kitchen. Many food blogs and publications have been sharing their own specialty quarantine recipes so you can work with more accessible ingredients. If there’s anything that a nationwide quarantine will teach us, it’s that limitation breeds creativity. 

Do the full 360 

You could easily find a couple YouTube channels that have 360-degree views of different tourist spots like Macchu Picchu, the Brooklyn Bridge, and even Mount Everest. Perfect for those whose feet are itching to roam the outer world, this little YouTube sub-genre offers little slices of escape. Pair that with a Zoom call, and that sounds like a cheap vacation.

Spend an afternoon in the good ol’ arcade 

A lot of websites from our childhood are still up (unfortunately, with the exception of Hotel 626) where you can relive your favorite online kids’ games together.  You can take a stroll through a now-updated Club Penguin, revisit some Miniclip bangers, or find out if your Neopet is still alive.

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