Five events to go to this October if you’re not a fan of Halloween

Five events to go to this October if you’re not a fan of Halloween

An LBGTQ-themed comic con, a music fest for our farmers, a museum open house, and more.

The spooky season is upon us. Have you planned your Halloween costume yet? We can already foresee so many barkadas dressed in red jumpsuits à la  Money Heist, couples clad in the quintessential Joker-Harley Quinn tandem, and some, who might go all out and do a Van Gogh costume, complete with an intricate painting somewhere in the mix. Nothing’s stopping you from doing anything this month, or any other month, for that matter. Go ahead and get your freak out.

But just in case you’re one of those who don’t really see the point in dressing up for Halloween, we rounded up some non-spooky events that you might be interested in.

Komiket (Oct. 12-13)

There’s nothing like spending your weekend some good old comics made by your favorite local artists, am I right? This month, Komiket is back with over 500 comic creators, illustrators, and artists, and what’s more is that it puts focus on queer representation in the comic world. 

For more information, visit their event page.

MOTOR ONLY SYNC: Philippine music videos as moving images (Oct. 13)

Ever wondered how the local music video scene came to be? Videographers and music lovers alike can enjoy a day of learning about the cultural impact of today’s music videos, and how the changing technology of our time has shaped the industry.

For more information, visit their event page.

Cassette Store Day 2019 (Oct. 19)

If you’re into vintage and analog ways of consuming music, Cassette Store Day is for you. Featuring musicians from Metro Manila, Naga, and Cebu, the event aims to celebrate the cassette format. Apart from good music, they will also be selling merch from United Cassettes, Mutilated Noise, Erik Records, and Save San Roque, which supports the displaced communities in San Roque.

For more information, visit their event page.

#StandWithFarmers Concert (Oct. 20)

Show your support for our farmers at the #StandWithFarmers Concert, organized by the Sama-samang artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo (SAKA). With musical performances and speeches from farmers from the peasant communities, the event aims to promote awareness regarding the ongoing plight of our farmers. 

For more information, visit SAKA’s Facebook page

MCAD Open House (Oct. 27)

The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design is bringing artists from all over the world for this year’s open house, showcasing their current exhibition entitled What Lies Within: Centre of the Centre. The open house will also games and activities for all ages.

For more information, visit their event page.

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