Five people you meet at a co-working space

Five people you meet at a co-working space

Look forward to seeing these people in your next co-working space visit.

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Co-working spaces exist because of the increasing number of millennials — and soon, Gen Zs — who jumped from their 9-to-5s to fulfill a life of freelancing. While it’s difficult to constantly find clients, manage your day-to-day operations and promote yourself as the best supplier, co-working spaces make it all a bit more manageable by making the hustle look more cute and desirable.

It goes without saying, though: not all co-working spaces are made equally. International franchises often have startups (and a few controversies) taking over their whole floors, while smaller co-working spaces take pride in empowering individual workers and freelancing creatives.

Solution Space is one of these co-working spaces. Aside from a great location with tons of food options in the area, it also has very chill atmosphere, highlighted by ’70s-inspired furniture and high-speed internet. It can easily fit on Wes Anderson’s or That ’70s Show’s Pinterest boards.

While not all co-working spaces are the same, you can easily spot these five people in all of them. Here are the people we met during our visit to Solution Space.

The master chef 

Solution Space is located in Legazpi Village which only means one thing: great food selection. But Makati CBDliving means spending almost a third of your paycheck on food. The master chef knows that meal prep is key if you want to save. Not only does it save you a few extra minutes during lunchtime, it also sharpens your cooking skills and validates your unhealthy Bon Appetit obsession. Who says that Andy Baraghani is the only who can cook and look cute?

The sticky-note savant 

Sticky notes? Check. Canvas? Check. Markers in every color known to man? Check. The sticky-note savant usually claims a whole table for herself for more efficient brainstorming. You cannot stop her from jotting down keywords on her colored Post-its then rearranging them at least three times before they finally formulate an idea. Usually, this person has a lot of ideas brewing so approach her for possible collaborations. We’re sure she has something for you to get your hands dirty with, too.

The overtimer 

Just because you’re working as a freelancer in a co-working space doesn’t mean that you have full control of your time. The overtimer checks in as soon as the space opens and leaves when rush hour finally passes. I mean, that’s the freelancing life for you. We have a gut feeling that the overtimer is actually the community manager. I mean, freelancing is cool and Solution Space is really homey, but we all have to go home at some point. 

The conference call cutie 

Working remotely means going on more Google Hangout sessions, even more than someone in a long-distance relationship. The conference-call cutie requires a quiet room and fast internet connection and co-working spaces tick those boxes. Remember that face he always does when he’s in front of a mirror? That’s also his default conference call face just in case someone takes a screenshot. We respect a freelancer who can be efficient and look good at the same time.

The nightcap nightingale 

It’s a Tuesday night and Vengo is in the same building; what else can you do? Say no to tempura shrimp taco and rum tea delikado? Getting that sweet, sweet deal is best enjoyed with your co-working space mates, especially after a long day of staring at your Trello boards and the nightcap nightingale always initiates the group outing. Just try not to get carried away with the tequila. There’s still Thursday, and we know that you won’t pass up a good quiz night across the street. 

Solution Space is located at 5F, JCS Building, 119 Dela Rosa Street cor. Castro Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. For more info, check out

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