Five rainy-day treats to experience in Puerto Princesa

Five rainy-day treats to experience in Puerto Princesa

Lift your spirits with a beachside feast.

You think about Puerto Princesa and your mind immediately drifts to white sand beaches and lazy afternoons lounging by the shore. The renowned Puerto Princesa Subterranean River also comes to mind, along with snorkeling at Honda Bay and cave explorations that would make an outdoorsy person’s heart flutter with excitement. But consider this: what if you’re stuck in Puerto Princesa on a rainy weekend? 

There’s only so much you can do really, and rainy days on beachy Puerto Princesa could dampen just about anyone’s mood, but as someone who doesn’t like the wilderness and the beaches, a rainy day in a quiet province away from all the noise and pollution of Metro Manila was the perfect way to spend a weekend. What better way to spend it than eating good food and appreciating local art? This all became possible because of Canvas Boutique Hotel’s hospitality.


Mexican feast at Painted Table 

Call me crazy for straying from the typical Filipino seafood feast in a place like Puerto Princesa, but Painted Table’s Mexican menu is well worth every bite. Tortillas are handmade by their in-house chef, the quesadillas had the right amount of cheese, and the meat from the humongous Costillas Adobadas was so soft that it came right off the bone.

The Mexican menu at Painted Table is enough to get you off your Filipino food cravings when in Puerto Princesa.

Desserts at La Terrasse 

Cafe Desserts after a lunch buffet? Yes, please. You don’t even have to feel guilty for indulging in sweets because La Terrasse’s selection of desserts is organic and gluten-free. I recommend the flourless chocolate cake that is the perfect mix of bitter and sweet. 

La Terrasse Cafe’s flourless chocolate cake hits the spot with its mix of bitter and sweet

Craft Beer at Palaweño Brewery 

I’ve always been a beer kind of girl, so when I learned that the Palaweño Brewery was a female-led brewery, I was excited. The place itself is not your typical bar with noisy crowds and loud EDM music. Instead, it’s a chill place with dimmed lights and a whole lot of beer puns around. It’s a place for good conversation, and we all shared our college inuman stories over a variety of beers. My personal fave was Hunter, a full-bodied sweet ale that gave me a slight buzz with just a few sips.

The Palaweño Brewery is a female-led enterprise that makes a variety of beers, including Hunter, a full-bodied sweet ale.

Poolside snacks at Canvas 

A crazy food coma from a day’s worth of eating led me to take a much-needed nap, but as I was on a weekend binge, I was still game to eat a healthy serving of the spicy Pasta de Tomate which paired well with the squid chicharones. Never mind the carbs — calories don’t count when you’re on vacation, anyway. 

Carbs by the Canvas poolside? Dig in, you’re on vacation.

Ube Champorado for breakfast 

Imagine this: decadent, rich and milky ube champorado for breakfast. Think about your favorite ube ice cream in champorado form, only 10 times better. I never thought of myself as a sweets-for-breakfast kind of person, but one spoonful of this treat is enough to turn my mind around. Would go back to Puerto Princesa just for this.

Imagine this: Your favorite ube ice cream, in decadent, rich, and milky champorado form.

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