FYI: Events to kickstart your 2019 creative journey

FYI: Events to kickstart your 2019 creative journey

Bizarre and strange.

Starting the year right with a proverbial clean slate is the norm for the most of us. Whether you’re a new kid or an old soul in the budding art and music community here in Manila, maybe checking out these gatherings might get your momentum going for your 2019 creative journey.

MCAD Film Screenings: January 2019

Fashion is a constant presence in everyday life as a form of self-expression. With that in mind, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design presents a new installment of their film screening series this January, with the theme of fashion and social change.

Curated by Benilde’s Fashion Design and Merchandising mentor Olivia Lopez, the screenings present various stories and documentaries to preach the word of fashion and what it really is. Did we mention that it’s free?


MCAD Film Screenings happens on the Fridays and Saturdays of the month starting Jan. 5 at The Loop, 12F in Benilde’s SDA Campus. For more information and screening schedules, you can visit their event page.

The Really Really Free Market

Change starts with immediate action. So why not take the initiative and start by lugging all those pre-loved goodies of yours, Marie Kondo style?

Don’t fret as Pineapple Lab hosts the Really Really Free Market (and yes, it can’t be  emphasized enough) for you to shell out anything you could give away at your dispersal of goods and services from clothes, books, and even haircuts. This alternative gift market is something for you to pay it forward with kindness, so come in with your friends and you’ll surely leave with more!

The Really Really Free Market happens on Jan. 6 at Pineapple Lab in Makati. For more information you can visit their event page.

Something Soulful Vol. 2

If fresh starts and far out sounds appeal to you this new year, you’ll be delighted to check out Something Soulful’s offering for those looking for a breath of fresh air in the local hip-hop, neo-soul and R&B scene.

With performances by new bloods Liana, No One’s Home, Laraza, Tito and New Game+, a visit to Mow’s on a Thursday will definitely leave you with last song syndrome for quite some time.

Something Soulful Vol. 2 happens on Jan. 10 at Mow’s Bar in QC. For more information you can visit their event page.


If you’re into the oddly sweet scent of print and ink, a visit to Munzinelupa will satisfy those cravings. Initiated by south-based creative Mac Arboleda (aka Asshulz) and his friends, the event started out last January 2018 as an avenue of self-expression for the budding zine artists and enthusiasts in the deep south.

Now on it’s second year, Munzinelupa again presents the print aficionados an opportunity to browse from a wide selection of zines, stickers, and art prints through a gathering of like-minded people and live music.

Munzinelupa happens on Jan. 26 at Picked Cafe & Gallery in Muntinlupa. For more information you can visit their event page.

Baybayin Crash Course

Ever wanted to experience what it’s like to write the same way our ancestors did centuries ago? Yes? Then take the time to learn the ancient, pre-colonial writing script that they used through Manila For a Day’s Baybayin Crash Course. Presented as a three-hour course facilitated by masters of the trade, the session aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the essentials to learn Baybayin as a form of nationalistic self-expression.

Packed into the three hours are various sessions to get you immersed in a time-capsule experience. Through these sessions, you’ll definitely learn the historical value of the writing script, get a first hand experience of the syllabary, and personally connect to your roots by translating and writing your name in Baybayin.

Baybayin Crash Course happens on Jan. 27 at O2 Space, Makati. For more information you can visit their event page.