Good vibes defined this year’s Pursuit Fair

Good vibes defined this year’s Pursuit Fair

Imagine: all that homegrown goodness, concentrated in one place.

PURVEYR, an independent media company dedicated to positively supporting Philippine creatives, delivered their unique perspective on the scene at their second Pursuit Fair, held last July 1 at the Century City Mall in Makati.

The event followed the launch of PURVEYR’s third issue, where editor Marvin Conanan writes: “although [collaboration] simply means working together to create something, the value of the word carries more weight than that.” This is what has occupied the team’s minds as of late. And it’s with the same spirit that they’ve brought Pursuit Fair back for another year.

Over 40 brands were in attendance, catering to interests from apparel to lifestyle to food. You would be hard-pressed to find something you didn’t like and someone you couldn’t strike a conversation with.

On one side of the venue, people were lined up to get a new tattoo or two. On another, men waiting to get a trim from Slick Barbers Co. Towards the back, another line forming at the cocktails table. And outside, people, food and drinks in hand, talking about everything from music to movies to fashion.

Vibin’ out: Purveyr gathers some of the best and most creative brands in the metro in this year’s Pursuit fair.  |  Photos courtesy of Purveyr

Clothing brands Tomorrow and boy in transit had a joint booth where they sold some of their new pieces. Four Cranes was there with their signature classics that the girls were clamoring to get their hands on. On the lifestyle side? Basic Commodity owner Jose Tong was back for another year with some of his best Asian artisanal pieces. The Maverick, with their pomades, definitely caught the attention of some of the guys in the crowd. As for food? Idiot Sandwich was there with some pretty tasty, well, sandwiches, complete with witty names like Parmageddon and Tae-kwon-Dope, while Tetsuo and Tusk Social shared a booth for one-day-only value meals.  All that, and with live musicians to boot.

Here’s what events like Pursuit can teach the general public: You won’t have to look very far to find quality products or people that are willing to work with you and share their experiences. You might even find them at your usual stomping grounds.

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