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What was life like before Uniqlo came to Manila? Say what you want, but the days B.U. (before Uniqlo) are all hazy to me —  since the Japanese brand came to Manila, I never looked back. Of course this means that the possibility of matching with a complete stranger on the MRT is pretty high,  but no matter: we’re all for comfortable clothes that don’t come with a hefty price tag.

Just in time for the Uniqlo Manila Global Flagship Store’s first anniversary, the brand launched a service that’s bound to be our next obsession. UTMe!, a digital t-shirt printing service exclusive to the branch, lets anyone create their own, original UNIQLO shirt. Let me repeat that: you can now create your own, original UNIQLO shirt.  From existing designs to the doodle you made last night, it’s so easy to have that on a shirt — here’s how you can have the graphic tee of your dreams.

Step one

Check out which one will be your canvas. Choose from UTMe! Basic shirt, kids color packaged shirt, or a large/mini tote bag. Or actually, why not all? Once you get them from the sales floor (and in the size you want!), head on to the UTMe! Kiosk on the second floor.

Step two

Once at the kiosk, you’ll be given a UTMe! device that has the app you need for the customization. Choose from pre-made designs or if you want to use a photo or a design of your own, you can send it to the device via email — just ask the staff for the email address. Make sure the design doesn’t have unauthorized content (recognizable personalities, brands, characters) and inappropriate content. 

Step three

You can also design on the app then and there. You can add stickers, text, and even paint your own design. There are also special effects you can apply to your base, like glitch or mosaic.

Step four

Once you’re done with your design, the staff will hand over three things: an agreement form, the receipts, and the item. You’ll have to go to a cashier to pay for everything and they’ll let you know your pick up time.

Step five

Pick up your own, one-of-a-kind shirt at the UTMe! counter. Optional step is to IG Story the heck out of your tee or tote — I know I would.

The Uniqlo Manila Global Flagship Store is located at Glorietta 5, Makati City. For more updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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