Here’s the lowdown on what happened at Eden and June’s flea market

Here’s the lowdown on what happened at Eden and June’s flea market

If you #supportlocal and have a thing for creatives, Finders Keepers was the place to be.

photos courtesy of Eden and June

Ever been to a car boot sale? Neither have I. But according to Eden and June founder Chiara Garcia, it was a car boot sale in Australia that inspired Finders Keepers: A Creative Flea Market. “You bring your own stuff… and as a community, you exchange items,” she explained.

So last June 3 to 4 at The Tent in Acacia Estates, Chiara and a team of two interns put together Eden and June’s biggest project to date, inviting local creatives and artists to come over for a weekend of music, shopping, and workshops. That is exactly Eden and June’s mission ― to provide local creatives with a physical space to convene and collaborate.

Chiara says that she and her team made sure the merchants they selected were local, their products “homegrown.” Example: A store called Mod Threads sold bags and patches made completely from local textiles, while another called Daydream Republic had prints and notebooks of some of our favorite local destinations.

It was also a place where passion met advocacy. Jana Bunagan, founder of Re-Store by Clover Hartly, explained that her pop-up started as a passion project with a simple motto in mind: shop and give back. With that, Jana brought local companies and NGOs together to help further the causes she personally believes in. It’s shopping, minus the guilt.100% of net proceeds go to any of the NGOs she’s partnered with.

And then there was Camille Pilar, author of Writing True, who, apart from holding a live poetry reading and writing workshop at the event, encouraged young writers to “use writing as a vehicle for change.” Strong words that definitely resonated with the crowd.

On that note, the workshop sessions were an interesting addition to the usual bazaar set up. From a macrame workshop to stamp carving, brass jewelry making to coffee brewing, and chalk lettering to creative writing.

At the end of a long day of browsing and listening in on the workshops, one could spend the rest of their evening at the lounge area, a drink in hand, watching the live performances from artists like Reese Lansangan, Joaqui Madamba, and Cheenee Gonzalez.

When asked about the future of Finders Keepers, Chiara says that she hopes for it to become a regular project of Eden and June. With enough support from the community, it just might be. And that’s a good thing too, because in a day when most of us spend day in and day out online, it was refreshing to see a project that endeavoured to bring young and passionate people together in a physical space.

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