The horrifying things that happen in your 20s

The horrifying things that happen in your 20s

Why this stage of your life is downright scary.

Art by Jill Arteche


They say that your 20s is the time to explore. While that’s true, exploration can lead to a quarter-life crisis. Your 20s are filled with the chaos of endings and new beginnings, navigating the ups and downs of a crucial stage of growth that can dictate how the rest of your life will go, and that can be downright scary.

Now, bedtime horror stories can be chilling real life events that can happen in clear daylight. The mythical creatures that used to scare you can be actual people you want to avoid. In line with this, here are some actual horrifying things that happen when you’re a 20-something just trying to make things work. Be brave.

Needing to file for taxes and government IDs
Why do we need a government ID to get a government ID? Why are taxes so complicated? Why didn’t we get a class on this?

Actual body pains
Hangovers are a thing now, and so are the White Flower oil and Salonpas that we used to mock our titas and titos for. You start to pay attention to what you’re putting in your body because unlike before, you can feel the consequences — some of them in your joints.

Not knowing what you really want in life
As you get older, you’ll realize more things about yourself — dreams that you used to hold close to your heart can change, and that means a shift in your priorities. You’ll be confronted with the age-old question of, “Crap, what do I really want to do?”


Dating the wrong people
Dating in your 20s can come with a lot of conditions, but somehow, we still end up dating someone who is no good for us. It may be someone who doesn’t share the same values as we do, but we went for it anyway because the attraction felt real. Sadly, these can have lasting effects on your psyche, so better be careful on who you let into your life next time.

Being cut off from financial support
You’ll never realize how much you had it good until you have to pay for your own utilities. (Why are toiletries so damn expensive?) Budgeting your very limited salary can be a real pain in the ass. You have to cut corners and be real savvy with spending because you’re now responsible for your own being.

Feeling like you’re in a constant hurry
Life will feel like a tight competition more than ever. You’re always stressed, but still feel like you’re not doing enough. The benchmarks of being an adult are blurry for our generation, and there’s this nagging feeling of dread that you’re not catching up or you’re doing everything wrong. Know that this is normal, and most likely happening to everyone else.


Realizing who your true friends are
Your circle will get smaller, and that’s okay. As time passes by, life will decide who’s going to stay in your life. Everyone will be busy, and only few will stick around. Better hold on to the people that know you and want the best for you.

Real heartbreak
There are so many memes about crying on the floor, but heartbreak might have actually been the inspiration behind them. This will hurt in so many ways, from very unexpected reasons. You will find yourself at loss, so choose your coping mechanisms wisely.

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