How does Gabbi Garcia embody the Keds Girl?

How does Gabbi Garcia embody the Keds Girl?

There’s nothing like white sneakers with a jean jacket.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year with actress Gabbi Garcia, who spent the afternoon meeting fans and showing off her favorite sneakers at the Keds boutique in SM Megamall. Gabbi arrived in a white blouse with sleeves that bring the traditional terno to mind and red shorts — both eye-catching statement pieces that went well with her white kicks. 

She’s fresh off playing a lead role on the show Beautiful Justice, and she reveals that it’s taught her a lot. “Beautiful Justice ran for about six months, so it was quite a long time,” says Gabbi. “What I learned from not only my character but the show as a whole is that if you’re a woman, no one can dictate who you can be or what you can do. It’s really an empowering show, especially with three girls [at the forefront].” 

Gabbi, who aside from acting also makes music and shares vlogs on a personal YouTube channel, says that she puts as much of herself into her work as she can, to varying degrees. “When it comes to acting, I really see to it that I put in a good performance, but then when it comes to vlogging, I tend to be more authentic,” she shares. “I try to be more of myself, because I feel like people don’t really get to know the artista unless you’re on a personal level, so it’s a nice platform for you to be really yourself. But I make sure to save some also for me and my personal life.” 

“If you’re a woman, no one can dictate who you can be or what you can do.”

Asked about her plans this year and she hopes to experience and accomplish, she gushes, “I’m excited to travel more. Hopefully I’ll be doing more movies this year, that’s my wish for my career.” 

As a Keds girl, which she describes as confident, fearless, and empowered, Gabbi embodies comfort, grace, and spirit — just like ‘90s style icons who can balance fresh colors and familiar silhouettes with something a little wilder, a little more out there. (Think the Spice Girls; who doesn’t still dream of owning the perfect platform sneaker?) 

“You can be fashionable and stylish even if you’re wearing sneakers,” says Gabbi of her fashion philosophy. “I love wearing my jeans and my denim jacket with Keds, especially the classic champion white leather. I feel like I can pair it with anything.”

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