How to deal with trolls

How to deal with trolls

Eliminate the paid noise.

Art by Gian Nicdao



rolls will never deserve your time — but they do deserve a good ol’ takedown. These political armies never really left the scene, not since they were highly utilized in the election of the highest of posts. While they hide behind a number of fabricated tropes, it’s clear as day what they truly are: fear-mongering, lie-peddling, paid noise. 

Now more than ever, eradicating them is worth including in our efforts. You’re likely to see one or one hundred tweets from a newly-created account on Twitter, or a basically empty Facebook profile, so it’s easy to start the purge — you really don’t have to look that hard. Once you see them, it’s important to take the next steps.

Do not engage

Trolls earn from interactions online. They have quotas, to which they are compensated by the day — and if they reach it. Trolls are always on the lookout for arguments — don’t give them the satisfaction.

Report and block

This is where the shutting down begins. You can report a tweet or a Facebook post easily using their respective drop-down buttons, report it as abuse/hate. Even a trending topic, which is a way to earn more as a troll, can be reported: you can report it as spam, or abusive/harmful, or duplicates, or low-quality since those troll trends are all that

Supposedly a block will get a troll a demerit, so if you really want to piss a troll off, block the bugger. Ask your community to do it too: more blocks will lead to trolls not having anyone to bait. Tweak your notifications setting on Twitter, too: head to Notifications, then Advanced Filters, then Mute notifications from people with a new account, who haven’t confirmed their email or phone number.

Keep fighting the good fight

At the end of the day, if these trolls don’t have interactions, they won’t get paid — and they can’t get paid if they, or their copy-paste arguments, keep on getting reported and blocked. They’ll probably keep on coming back dressed up differently, but since we know things now, we’ll be able to fight by doing the same thing again and again: do not engage, report, and block, and repeat. Let’s keep fighting. 

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