Ippudo launches torched chashu for their signature ramen bowls

Ippudo launches torched chashu for their signature ramen bowls

Ham ain’t the only pork worth digging into this Christmas.

There’s nothing quite like the warm hug of ramen. But with the Christmas season in full swing, all the Christmas ham and family get-togethers at buffets might not leave you with a whole lot of time to embrace some broth and noodles. But to bring you back inside the church of ramen, Ippudo has come out with a new offering that’s sure to make you a convert.

New on Ippudo’s menu is the torched chashu, which packs a rich flavor and elevates their cores completely. Think big, melt-in-your-mouth, and flamed braised pork belly on top of your ramen, creating a smoke hit in flavor and texture. You now have the option to have this on top of any ramen you fancy, but they come standard with the Akamaru Special and Karaka Special, which swim in Ippudo’s classic pork-bone broth.

Ippudo’s new torched chashu comes as an option on all their signature ramen bowls.

If you’re looking for a chicken-and-pork broth combo, however, there is the Yokohama Iekei, which also comes topped with the torched chashu. For vegetarians, fret not — the Mushroom Ramen is just as filled with lip-smacking flavor.

Don’t forget their signature side dish, the Pork Bun — braised pork belly and yakiniku sauce served in a soft steamed bun. The ramen combination of your dreams. 

Now, if all that has got you salivating in your seat, this is your chance to slurp up some ramen. Watch out for Ippudo’s social media promo because bowls of their specials with the torched chashu are up for grabs for 25 people. All you have to do is share their promo post, tag three friends you wanna bring, and use the hashtag #WorldFamousRamen. Would trade the ham for that torched chashu any day of the holidays, TBH.


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