Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Jeff Ortega share their music-filled love story

Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Jeff Ortega share their music-filled love story

A romance sparked at Wanderland 2015.

Having friends you’ve grown up with since you were in diapers is cool, but have you ever met someone for the first time and just clicked? Some of our best relationships start out randomly — while waiting in line for the restroom on a night out, sitting at the back of your new classroom for the semester and, yup, even at a music festival. There’s just something about bonding over the same things that makes it comfortable and real.

Just take it from Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Jeff Ortega. What started out as awkward acquaintances (they met at a party when they were 14 and 15 years old, respectively) eventually became a partnership that we all can aspire to.

It was at Wanderland Music and Arts Festival 2015 when they bumped into each other again. Augustana was playing onstage, providing the perfect backdrop for their budding romance. Since then, they’ve listened to more live music year after year and building a music- filled life with each other.

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