Learning to be alone: A photo essay

Learning to be alone: A photo essay

When you know detachment can do you some good.

Photos by Gia Palamos

In 2017, I spent four months in a country I barely knew.


I decided to go to San Francisco to immerse myself in their world of coffee. I wanted to formally study how to roast and taste coffee.  

It wasn’t an easy decision to leave.


I had to quit a job that I really loved and cared for. I needed to choose to be away from the family and friends I relied on for everything. And it didn’t help that I had to momentarily leave a new relationship too. 


This trip has been significant to me because not only did I learn a lot from my quick coffee courses, but it also made me decide to choose growth too.


It’s only now that i’m starting to realize why I had to do it.


This is where I learned to be alone — and I would do it all over again if I could.

Gia Palamos is a 23-year-old senior barista, head roaster, and resident Aries (FIRE!) at Exchange Alley Coffee House. She previously worked at Restock Coffee & Curiosities.

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