Making your dreams of living and studying in France is easier than ever

Making your dreams of living and studying in France is easier than ever

The France Alumni Philippines Association has all the resources you need.

Contrary to popular belief, studying for a term abroad isn’t just a program that your local AISEC organizes. I learned this lesson when I stumbled upon YouTubers Damon Dominique and Jo Franco’s channel a few years back. Both travelers and polyglots, they really go out their way to learn about their country of choice and even arrange their own permits. They did it not because of a school requirement, but out of curiosity and a genuine desire to immerse themselves in another country’s culture. It makes you more competent in different markets, and, well, it’s a great story to tell during parties. For Damon, the destination was France, which is a country I have always thought was impossible to reach, given that I only have a Third World passport. 

All these fears were debunked when I attended the launch of the France Alumni Philippines Association (FAPA) last Dec. 5. The main purpose was to connect Filipino alumni of French higher education institutions for networking and career development. It’s like a support group for all the cool people you could’ve met in France. While it’s a members-only association, it couldn’t be any easier to join as long as you have proof that you did study in France for at least three months in French higher education institutions.

The actual studying, though, is where it can get challenging. Thankfully, Campus France’s website has a lot of resources for you to get started. From computing school tuition and living expenses to giving you the lowdown on the different French universities where you can live your best life, they have it covered. Like, say, you still haven’t finished your French course on Duolingo or you haven’t been attending your French lessons at the Alliance Francaise de Manila — Campus France offers options to take classes in English while you’re still working on your French. 

There are really a lot of options and help that are being provided so you can finally fulfill your dreams of living and studying in France. All of a sudden, it’s well within reach, thanks to FAPA.


For membership inquiries, email [email protected] For moreinformation on Campus France, visit

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