May aircon ba? Some events to keep you out of the house this April

May aircon ba? Some events to keep you out of the house this April

An experimental film screening, a whisper-only open mic, and more to save you from the summer heat.

April marks the beginning (or middle) of summer for most people in our humble home of Manila. Since melting in this brain-sucking heat isn’t an option, you’re right to look for as many excuses to get out of as possible. Here are some (mostly air-conditioned) events to save you from the sweltering heat. From experimental film screenings to Summer Komikon, you’re bound to find the perfect cool down ganap for you.


Free Screening: Snakeskin (2014) by Daniel Hui (April 9)

Experimental films may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a shame that there are limited venues to catch communal viewings. Manila-based film studio Los Otros works with experimental film and video initiatives to bring in artist-filmmakers from abroad. This April 9, they’re having a free screening of Snakeskin by Singaporean filmmaker Daniel Hui, followed by a Q&A.

Set in the future of 2066, Snakeskin is a “part dream documentary, part city symphony” that goes deep into Singapore’s lineage of oppression. If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, get this: the film is told from the point of view of cult survivor (because of course it is).

Catch Snakeskin at 7:30 p.m., at the UPFI Videotheque, 2F Ishmael Bernal Gallery, UPFI Film Center, Osmeña Ave, UP Diliman. RSVP here.


Bulong (April 10)

What would you do at a gig where the noise level is limited to 20 decibels? This April 10, our friends at Warehouse Eight and Kwago are back with another Echoes PH gig. They’re calling it Bulong: a no-mic open jam for poets and musicians to share their secrets to. It would be, but here’s the kicker: it’s a whisper-only event entering means you have to sign a contract for silence. The fine for breaking it? A hefty price of P1,000. Let’s just say this is the perfect place for soft-spoken introverts.  

Entrance is P350. Register early to get a free drink. RSVP here.


Summer Komikon 2019 (April 13)

Your annual summer komiks convention is just around the corner. Head to the usual Komikon watering hole, Bayanihan Center, Pasig, to cop the latest releases from your favorite local artists and creators. Don’t forget to bring an envelope or pouch to stash all your loot.

Tickets are priced at P150. For the full lineup of booths and artists exhibitors, visit the Komikon Facebook page. RSVP here.


Tsk.tsk: unique.bullet (April 13)

Catch a rare performance from contemporary folk singer Bullet Dumas and former YS cover boy Unique at the Conspiracy Garden Cafe in Quezon City. If you’ve ever wanted to catch Unique in action (and weren’t so lucky to be hanging around P. Noval when he did that surprise gig), this is your chance.  

Entrance is P350. More details here.


City of Bawal at 1335 | Mabini (April 27)

City of Bawal is a group exhibition that explores the everyday warnings of Metro Manila the city of bawal whether they be in signages or unwritten and written rules. It will feature the work of Brisa Amir, Datu Arellano, Kristoffer Ardena, Jan Balquin, Lesley-Anne Cao, Miggy Inumerable, Czar Kristoff, Celine Lee, Cris Mora, Indy Paredes, Mark Salvatus, Jel Suarez, and Jose Tong.

The exhibit runs from April 27 to June 8. More details here.