Modern-day gayuma for modern-day singles

Modern-day gayuma for modern-day singles

Be mutuals with your unrequited love thanks to these technology-driven potions.

Art by Elle Shivers


Being single is a glorious moment in one’s life. When you’re single, you learn to be independent. You learn the value of taking time with yourself. You learn what it truly means to be happy on your own. But what if you’ve been single for too long and your online and IRL crush feels so close but too far? What if you just want to shoot your shot without making a fool of yourself, or worse — seem desperate?

Gayumas are mythical potions that can make turn unrequited feelings into mutual ones. Just a drop of this magic and your crush, who hasn’t even spared you a glance in all your months of pining, may suddenly take an interest in you. But in this day and age, when potions are scarce and time is of the essence, where else do we run to but the internet?

We rounded up a bunch of modern-day gayumas for all you single pringles who just want to go back into the dating ring. Side note: Though success is not guaranteed, we may or may not have actively used these tricks in snagging a date or two, with testimonies to back them up. *wink*

Thirst’s Original Trap 

Capture the one that you desire in a snap.
Extra Strong Variant includes the beach and a cute pup.

Reel in your crush using your personal dose of charm in the form of a well-taken thirst trap. We’re not requiring you to go all out and book a photoshoot with a photographer, but make sure to strike your best pose for maximum effect.

Link In Liquid

Mix in business and love with a bit of hard work. Five star resume is encouraged, but not required.

Why choose between career and love when you can have both? Technology has given us the gift of LinkedIn, and it’s not only useful for corporate connections. View your crushes’ profile every once in a while and have him wonder who his avid profile visitor is. Show your best self by putting in all the skills that you got, and a good resume to back it all up. 

Elixir of Endearment 

Caution: Drink moderately. Flooding of likes and reacts may lead to a stalker vibe.

Being a constant liker to your crush’s IG posts, tweets, and Facebook posts lets her know that you are consistent. Who knows — maybe once you finally slide in their DMs, you may even snag a date IRL.

Lure Tunes

98.9% success rate
Warning: Do not make a Chill Mix.

Gone are the days of making mixtapes. We have Spotify now, so you don’t even have to go through the arduous process of rewinding a cassette or burning songs into a CD. Go for a targeted strike with a well-curated Spotify playlist. Just make sure not to make a generic playlist for all your prospects.

Syrop de Subtweet

The devil is in the details — and the tweet.
In case of accidental mention: Use Button de Delete

We are all suckers for love and affection, but we would never truly admit it out loud. Call it passive aggressive. Call it non-flirting flirting. Go ahead and make a shoutout without actually tweeting a shoutout. Just make sure that your crush is online so your needy effort to call for attention won’t go in vain.

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