Monsta X and Weki Meki took me to another place at Klook’s Cosmic Celebration

Monsta X and Weki Meki took me to another place at Klook’s Cosmic Celebration

The app’s 2nd Anniversary Travel Fest was a one-stop shop for all your tripping needs — with some fan service to boot.

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Going to the Weki Meki and Monsta X show was definitely not part of my weekend plans. I was just supposed to spend the weekend with my friends, but there I stood, right by the Klook Travel Fest arc at the World Trade Center for Klook’s Cosmic Celebration.

This wasn’t Klook’s first time holding a large festival like this. Klook is the leading online travel agency in the Philippines. For their first anniversary here, they held a similar celebratory event, featuring a long list of local acts. This time around, they decided to go international, riding the Hallyu wave by inviting K-Pop groups and invited Weki Meki and Monsta X. 

The moment I arrived at the venue, I knew that I was right in my element. Monbebes and Ki-lings swarmed the building, each donning their respective group’s merchandise and official lightsticks. I remember the days when I was just like them, in my teens and spending way too much of my allowance on merchandise and concert tickets. Now I’m in my mid 20s and I still enjoy K-Pop with the same fervor that I did as a teenager obsessed with Girls Generation, but with less financial enthusiasm. 

While I waited for the event to begin, I decided to watch performance videos of Monsta X and Weki Meki on my phone to hype myself up. It started to sink in that I was about to see them in real life. The reason I love K-Pop is because of the quality of their performances. It made it all the more exciting that the rising stars of the industry were about to perform right here.

About 15minutes before the start, we were finally allowed to enter the venue. Three columns of rustic lights trailed the top of the venue, holding up gigantic white sheets that concealed the hall’s true ceiling.

After an introduction spiel from the host Kring Kim, Weki Meki finally stepped on the stage. Their set consisted of six of their best tracks: Picky Picky, True Valentine, La La La, Whatever U Want, Crush, and their latest title, Tiki-Taka. Each song seemed like it had a higher energy than the last. It amazed me that they made performing those songs look effortless. 

During the breaks were interviews and a game where seven lucky Ki-lings were able to experience being fed a bowl of spaghetti by Weki Meki. The members were excited to show off the Filipino words they knew. Lua grinned while sharing that she knew the words “ate” and “kuya”, referring to Sei and Doyeon as her ates. Sei also talked about how the Filipino food that she wants to try the most are Kare-Kare, Sinigang, and Adobo. 

Towards the end, Weki Meki revealed that Suyeon had a leg injury which is why she was seated for their performances. Despite that, she wanted to at least be on stage with her members. The others didn’t fail to keep her included either, each of them trying to make her laugh each time the choreography allowed them to be by her side. 

Not long after Weki Meki’s stages, Kring Kim walked back out on stage and started pumping the audience up for Monsta X. The crowd looked like a starry night sky as they waved around Monsta X’s lightstick. The lights dimmed, and the Monsta X intro VCR finally began. Somehow, the boys looked better than they did on the screens that I’d been watching them on for the past year. 

Just like Weki Meki, Monsta X also had a six-song setlist. Rather than focusing on high tension performances, it appeared that the group wanted to perform more songs that allowed them to play around on stage and interact with their fans. I personally believe that they did this because it seemed that Kihyun was sustaining an injury. The songs on their list were Shoot Out, Mohae, Q&A, White Sugar, Dramarama, and Fallin’. 

The boys were in a fantastic mood. They were happy to finally be back with their Filipino Monbebes after almost three years since their last visit. I could hardly tell that they had just finished a world tour because the stages were breathtaking. I could hear their voices loud and clear through the speakers. They were singing live and they sounded great even if Monsta X is known to have some of the hardest choreography in K-Pop. 

During the Q&A portion, the boys gave genuine and well thought out answers to questions that were sent in by their fans. When asked if he would rather hike up a mountain or lay down on the beach, I.M. answered in perfect English, “I would like to pick laying down on the beach with my Monbebes,” earning a hall full of screams from their fans.

The Monbebes began chanting “Solo con!” which flustered the Monsta X members. Wonho looked at the crowd with a sheepish grin and said that they will try their best to push for a solo concert in the Philippines next year. 

With their last song, Monsta X wanted to end the show with a splash. Some of the members had bottles of water in their hands and started playfully spraying the audience. As if trying to make the night last a little longer, Monsta X and their Monbebes had as much fun as they could.

Even though the event lasted only two hours, I definitely felt like I received a lifetime’s worth of enjoyment from the performances. That night was everything that makes being a stan worth it. Being able to make memories with the groups you love is a special thing that can only happen in the world of fandom. Groups from South Korea, fans from the Philippines and all over the world, brought together by an agency that wants to make the world feel a little smaller. 

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