An awesome world without cash

An awesome world without cash

What if there was a way for you to survive the daily grind without the constant need to check if you still have your wallet with you?

Illustration by Trinee Altamirano


Imagine this: you’re next in line to have your items punched at the local grocery store counter. When you reach for your wallet inside the back pocket of your worn-out jeans to check if there’s enough cash to pay for a can of diet soda and a bag of chips, there’s nothing there but some lint and the looming warning of a mini heart attack.

The check-out counter becomes vacant and you’re up next. The clerk calls to you as you anxiously ransack every inch of your pants to see if there’s some cash somewhere. As you feel everyone’s glare drawn to your frantic panic outburst, you suddenly walk awkwardly away, leaving every item behind. 

What if there was a way for you to survive the daily grind without the constant need to check if you still have your wallet with you? What if there was a way for you to live in a world without cash?

Fortunately, you now have PayMaya, an e-wallet that allows you to enjoy a world without cash in the easiest way possible. Within a minute, you can easily download the app, and register an account. All that’s left to do is to add money and you’re all set to start your cashless life.


A world without (cash) limits

Whether it’s an overseas escapade or a business trip abroad, you want to come prepared. With PayMaya, you can book the best and most affordable flight to your dream destination and then pay for it even without a credit card. On your vacation, you no longer need to look for the nearest money exchange counter when you run out of cash, because you can easily pay at any establishment that accepts Visa and Mastercard worldwide and conveniently withdraw from ATMs.

In a world without cash, PayMaya is your best travel buddy.


Do away with the queues

Face it: the task of paying bills can be draining. First, you will need to brave through the horrendous commute to the payment center. Metro Manila is two spots shy from being hailed as the center of the worst traffic congestion in the entire Southeast Asian region. The Philippines is losing billions of pesos every day because of traffic, and you have no choice but to be stuck in it. 

After wasting hours stuck in traffic, you will need to fall behind long queues before you reach the counter; praying you will get there before the cut-off buzzer sets off.

By going cashless, you can spend less time wasted in traffic or waiting in line because you can pay your bills anytime, wherever you are. With PayMaya, you can pay all of your dues in a matter seconds with just a few taps and swipes. 


Financial management, unlocked

Unlike using cash that is hard to track, PayMaya allows you to monitor your finances. You can easily keep track of the real-time status of the transactions you have made through the app. Regardless of whether the device being used is connected to an internet source or not, PayMaya will send an SMS notification that informs of the most recent transactions.

Purchasing load, gaming pins, even treats for your loved ones are more convenient with PayMaya. You no longer need to provide your card number, your security number, nor your account number, as you can directly purchase these digital goods from the PayMaya in-app shop.

The app also boasts of a Send Money feature that allows its users to send and receive funds, eliminating the hassle of going to banks to deposit money. To take advantage of this feature, all you have to do is upgrade your account. PayMaya has introduced a simpler and faster upgrade process featuring selfie video and AI technology.


Keeping it safe with digital

Cash does not provide security. Once it is stolen, it can no longer be retrieved. Digital payments, on the other hand, give you a layer of security as you can keep track of all your transactions. You can unlink your physical card through the PayMaya app in case it gets lost or stolen. If someone attempts an unauthorized transaction, PayMaya can also block the account to ensure that nothing goes through. Its team will then assist you when you create a new one.

PayMaya puts emphasis on the importance of security. It recently released a new card that features a sleek minimalist design without any personal information or card number displayed at the front, adding a layer of security for those who are fond of using their cards for their flatlays in the ‘gram.


Make the most out of life

Whenever you’re about to spend on something, ask yourself, “Am I getting my money’s worth?” When you pay with cash, you only get the item you paid for. When you use PayMaya, you get the best deals, cashback, and promos this season.

PayMaya simply gives better rewards than cash. Even just the completion of registration can rake you up to P200. Also, PayMaya users can get a ton of cashbacks by simply using the app. All you have to do is use the PayMaya app when shopping online or in-stores, paying bills, sending money, or buying load, gaming pins, or treats. 

Under its recently launched “Don‘t Pay Cash, PayMaya!” campaign, all these awesome perks mean now is really the best time to have your very own PayMaya account.

“We’re just getting started and this will get more exciting as we gear up towards the holiday shopping season. Our goal is to make every Filipino embrace digital payments by multiplying the benefits of going cashless,” said Paolo Azzola, COO and managing director of PayMaya. 



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