We put GrabFood, Honestbee and Foodpanda to the test to see which delivery service came out on top

We put GrabFood, Honestbee and Foodpanda to the test to see which delivery service came out on top

Which one’s faster? Which one has better customer service? Read on.

Here’s a question for you: When was the last time you went out to eat with your friends on a regular day? Manila traffic has gotten so bad that it’s safe to assume that most of us would rather stay at home than brave the sea of cars along EDSA to go out for a meal on non-special occasions. There’s Skype to see your friends anyway, right? (Just kidding). And with the recent influx of food delivery apps in the country, it’s become more and more tempting — and more convenient! — to just throw a dinner party at home.

However, this same influx of food apps has also given us the problem of choosing the best one. So we put all of them to the test to see which one our go-to food delivery app should be.

And so the battle of the food apps begins. We downloaded the three main food delivery apps available in the Metro: GrabFood, Honestbee and Foodpanda. We got together in the heart of Makati during the dinner rush and got our appetites ready.

Here’s the name of the game: we judged the apps on four main categories, consisting of speed, customer service, quality of food and service, and selection of food. In our book, these four things are essential to a seamless, stress-free experience, aka maximum tamad. I mean, what else is the point of ordering in, right?

Art by Christi Lu


One of the most important things on the list of a good food delivery service is, obviously, speed. Or, at least, accuracy in its estimated time of arrival. The worst thing a food service can do to a hungry person is to have them wait for an indefinite time, not knowing when their food will arrive. Will you survive the wait, or is it time to venture out into the wilderness and get something from your nearest sari-sari store?

If you’re the type of person who likes to watch over the little motorcycle icon on the map to see where your food order is in real time, then GrabFood wins this one. Not only did the GrabFood guy get to us first, but the app showed how many minutes away he was pretty accurately, just as the Grab app usually does when you book a car. Foodpanda also has this feature, but you only get to talk to an agent and not the driver. Honestbee does not have this option at all, so you’re pretty much left to your own devices. Who knows when your food will arrive? Abangan.


Winner: GrabFood


Customer Service

This is probably the most important aspect of any delivery service. I mean, what if something goes wrong with your order? What if the driver gets lost or — God forbid — something happens to him or her? You gotta be able to reach out and talk to someone from the other end, my friend. GrabFood clears the customer service bar pretty well. The one thing that sets it apart from the other two is that it allows you to reach the driver directly and vice versa, allowing for faster communication. The two other apps do not offer this option at all; the only way to get in touch with a driver is having to chat with an agent, which automatically adds a couple of minutes to the process.


Winner: GrabFood

Survival of the fastest: For our food app battle fiesta, we ordered from Uncle Moe’s, Crying Tiger, and Auntie Anne’s (which arrived late).

Food Selection

What’s a food app without its food selections? Obviously, the number of selections per app will give it an edge over the others — you gotta be able to find what you’re craving for. Let me tell you off the bat that either of these three apps will deliver on a craving in one way or another. There will obviously be some specific restaurants that won’t appear on some apps, but all three got most bases covered. If you live in the metro, there’s probably a place that’s got you covered — be it Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, American, what have you. Which means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll find something to eat even when you can’t decide on what to actually eat. If you’re in Makati though, GrabFood lets you order from the famed Jolly Jeeps, with dishes like the adobong pusit at Jimenez, liempo at Salcedo, and more.


Winner: Three-way tie


Quality of Food Service

This is probably the hardest to judge of all the categories. Based on our experience, the winner of this category only wins out by a small margin. Here’s how we measured the three contenders: Did they process the correct orders? Yes. Was the food handled properly? Yeah, more or less. Did the food arrive in good condition? For GrabFood and Honestbee, yes; the food arrived with just a little steam — Foodpanda took a lot longer to get there because the driver got lost, and there was no way for me to get in touch with him except through an agent, which meant that the food was not as fresh. GrabFood ekes out a win for this one just for the for the fact that, again, the driver could be contacted at any time.


Winner: GrabFood


And the winner is…

It’s almost a landslide win, with GrabFood managing to take the cake. All these apps are going to get food to your doorstep one way or another, but if you just want the least stressful experience (again, maximum tamad) it’s probably best to just, uh, Grab it. You probably already have the app on your phone anyway.


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