Run a mile and more in Nike’s new Joyride Dual Runs

Run a mile and more in Nike’s new Joyride Dual Runs

It’s like a joyride — on foot.

Let me tell you something: I hate running. The thought of jogging for even just half an hour, or any sort of long distance running, is enough to make my legs jelly. It’s been the bane of my workout experience ever since I tried to get into a more active lifestyle, so much so that I’d rather do any other form of cardio apart from running. Indoor cycling, boxing, rowing — you name it, I’ve tried it in the name of avoiding running.

Which is why when Nike told us that they had a shiny new shoe that’s meant for the reluctant runner, I was, well, skeptical. I’ve tried many a running shoe in my day (often buying because they look cute so I get motivated to run, TBH) but I’ve yet to try one that’s truly comfy from start to finish.

And what is this magical running shoe, you ask? It’s the new Nike Joyride Dual Run. By now you probably know that Nike is known for its technological advancements in the world of shoes, so you’ll know that there’s some magic tech sauce in these puppies.

The Joyride Dual Runs look like any good old pair of running shoes, but when you take a peek at its soles, you’ll notice that a semi-translucent panel at its heel reveals a pocket of tiny balls. They look a little bit like Dippin’ Dots, but Nike assures that they are more than just a novelty to look at. These little spheres are TPE beads (thermoplaster elastomers, if you must know), which help the shoe absorb shock when you’re running.

Nike’s Joyride Dual Runs may look like your run-of-the-mill running shoes, but they employ a special technology that helps you run more comfortably

These are encased in two pods on the shoe’s sole, on the heel and under the arch of your foot. On the forefoot there is a more traditional foam underneath, which provides a more familiar and smooth toe-off sensation, according to Nike. This is also because most runners are heel strikers, and this kind of set-up (where there is more shock absorption on the heel and mid-foot) is the kind that will benefit them the most.

All this shock absorption makes for more comfortable running experience overall, more so than traditional foam. If you wanna nerd out a little bit, here’s what happens in the sole: the beads travel and compress inside of the pods in which they’re encased, creating a conforming sensation. The air that gets trapped between the beads in turn escapes when the foot compresses the system. This kind of compression is simply impossible on a traditional foam sole.

That’s all to say that the shoe creates a bouncy feeling when running. We got to try the Joyride Dual Runs for ourselves at a Nike Run Club meet in BGC, where we ran a nice and easy 3K. At first, it felt like any old regular pair of running shoes, but that’s because — as I was about to discover — the difference really is felt once you spring into some good running action.

I was coming into the run after a five-month hiatus from working out, so you can imagine that I had not been used to any sort of exercise at this point. But for some reason or magic shoe voodoo, I was able to actually run for the entire three kilometers around High Street. The shoe’s ride felt a little stiff at first, but definitely bouncy. As the run progressed, it got a bit more comfy — the pacemaker we ran with told us that it was natural for the shoe to require some breaking in first.

We got to try the Joyride Dual Runs in BGC a few weeks ago before the shoe was released on Dec. 2.

The shoe also felt like it had little springs — coming from the compressing TPE beads — that helped propel my feet forward after each step, which in turn helped me save and optimize my energy throughout the run. Even though my feet were hurting near the end of the run, I felt like I could go on further if I had gotten over the initial threshold of pain. By the time we were cooling down, I thought: Maybe these shoes will convince to actually get into running. Stay tuned.



The Nike Joyride Dual Run retails for P6,745 at Nike Park and partner retail stores. For more information, visit and follow @nike on Instagram.

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