Sanrio’s new character is such a millennial

Sanrio’s new character is such a millennial

This red panda is a 25-year-old passive-aggressive Scorpio.

Last Jan. 6, Sanrio tweeted a link to a cute animated short starring Aggretsuko, a new “peculiar” character in their present lineup that includes Gudetama the fried egg and Chococat the err… cat.  

Though the character has been around for over a year already, it was only after Sanrio’s tweet came out that it started to gain social media traction. After watching the video, it didn’t take the Internet long to realize that Aggretsuko is actually all of us.

In addition to being a single, 25-year-old red panda who works in the accounting department of a highly respected trading company based in Tokyo, Aggretsuko also describes herself as a Scorpio with Type A blood.

Scorpios are known to be passionate, resourceful, and hardworking — basically everything that Aggretsuko shows in the video. Though it was her dream to be an accountant, she’s become the pushover within the company, having to work overtime and to put up with all the flak that her bosses throw at her.

In true Scorpio fashion though, her cute appearance isn’t all that indicative of her character. Everyone’s drawn to her more hardcore features, most especially her passive aggressiveness, which she lets out by jamming to heavy metal music and getting a couple of drinks after work. And since you might be wondering why she mentioned her blood type in the video, it’s because a common practice in Japan is to associate blood type with a person’s personality. People with Type A blood supposedly don’t express themselves to avoid any disagreements.

If all of that convinces you to make Aggretsuko your new patron saint, head on over Sanrio’s website for more on this super relatable new character.

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