Get your fill of Saddle Row workout sessions with the Saucony Fitness Tour

I am what you would call a passive fitness gal. I have a gym membership, I workout almost every day, and admit that getting even a shadow of abs is actually part of my 2020 goals; but truly, I don’t take it too seriously. Frankly, the main reason I go to the gym is because I just want to properly wake up, so I can start my day right with a flood of endorphins before I go out and step into the Real World. 

So it comes as no surprise that I’m also very wary of fitness classes. The idea of working out with a bunch of people sounds really intimidating to me, partly because I don’t want to make a fool out of myself in front of a bunch of strangers; but also, I know that signing up for a class would trigger my competitive spirit and would lead to very, very sore muscles the next day. So when Saucony invited us for a rowing class in Saddle Row to kick off the Saucony Fitness Tour, I was pretty much set on saying no — but then again, my willingness to try new things got the best of me, and the very next week, I found myself rowing like my life depended on it. Nobody told me to go that hard, but boy, did I row.

Going into the class, I kept overthinking whether it was the right call to say yes. I have never actually tried rowing at my gym, and I was low-key terrified that I might be bad at it — a workmate even mentioned that I might not be able to stand properly the next day because of how intense it could get — so I was a mix of clueless and terrified. When the class began and the instructor told us to strap in, I felt like I was going to vomit out of anxiety. But thanks to Saddle Row, with the loud pop songs that rang through the studio and the instructor’s encouraging words, I was able to shrug off the bad vibes and put my best foot forward. It was easy enough to get the hang of it, and when we were told to row faster, I silently challenged myself to keep at it even when my muscles started to tingle from exertion. I did so, and by the end of the class I was smiling triumphantly as if I’d just won an Olympic medal.

Row, row, row: We kicked off Women’s Month by joining the Saucony Fitness Tour in Saddle Row.

We got to try out Saucony’s newest line of performance shoes, perfect for those who want to sport a stylish shoe right after hitting the gym. The Versafoam collection is like stepping on a cloud that you won’t even feel the burn of working out that much — the perfect gym companion, really. For a newbie rower like me, it eased away all my worries of getting injured because of my lack of know-how, and it didn’t hurt that the shoes made me look fly AF.

Saucony held the class just for us girls to celebrate Women’s Month, and I honestly felt empowered surrounded by strong women who still looked like a 10/10 even after some intense working out. As we kept rowing and rowing (two full minutes of intense rowing felt like a lifetime), I felt silly that I even thought that fitness classes weren’t worth my time. And if you were right there in my (Saucony) shoes, surrounded by women who supported each other throughout the class, you’d get what I mean. There’s just something special about sharing a space with fellow women who are unapologetic, competitive and spirited at the same time.



The Saucony Fitness Tour powered by Saddle Row is open to the public on all weekends of March. For more information, follow @sauconyph on Instagram and visit

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