Saved You A Google: Duterte revokes Lotto franchise and vetoes end endo bill, Jollibee acquires CBTL, and Batanes is hit by 5.9 magnitude earthquake

As we close another month, we’re back to serving up yet another depressing round of news stories. And as always, the high expectations to be an informed citizen can be difficult to balance with personal and professional duties on the regular. I mean, who has time to keep track of all the things the president claims to do for the betterment of the country? Lucky for you, we’ve wrapped up the past week’s happenings in a digestible format. 

Eight dead as Batanes is hit by strong earthquakes

A magnitude 5.4 earthquake hit Batanes in the early morning of July 27, 2019. This was later followed by a 5.9 and several aftershocks that caused immense damage to public facilities and claimed the lives of eight people so far. There were weaker 4.2 to 4.8 magnitude earthquakes that occurred the day before that may have weakened structures in the province beforehand. 

Batanes is a group of three islands in the northernmost part of Luzon, and is very close in vicinity to the country of Taiwan, which was also affected by the earthquake.

Jollibee now owns CBTL

Food and beverage monolith Jollibee Foods Corporation has recently bought out US coffee chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf worldwide. This is their largest acquisition to date, and from a business standpoint, doesn’t seem like the best idea. Most alarmingly though, this raises questions about how CBTL’s business practices, quality control, and labor ethics may possibly change. For those who remain strong in the Jollibee boycott, I guess it’s goodbye African Sunrise, too.

Duterte stops Lotto and other PCSO games

In the aftermath of his State of the Nation Address, President Duterte announced he would cease all the operations of gaming organization Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). The rationale behind this is the rampant corruption due to involvement by individuals from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP). Several outlets nationwide were shut down, affecting thousands of its employees. Malacañang later clarified that PCSO will not be abolished, but the shutdown was a measure to address the issue of corruption.

Duterte vetoes Security of Tenure Bill (End Endo Bill)

Okay, this one is loaded. After several strides towards better labor laws that could possibly stop the practice of contractualization, Duterte vetoed the Security of Tenure Bill which was passed by the last Congress. He said that the bill needed amendment because it would not be beneficial to business owners, a sect of society that is famously oppressed. He stated, “You do not make it hard for the capitalist to move”. Certainly, we do note that we musn’t opress the capitalists! 

Hong Kong protests intensify

After several weeks, the anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong have continued in full swing. The government has vaguely implied that the bill will not be passed, but the opposition continues to demand assurance. Police response to the protests has also been increasingly harsh, with the Yuen Long rally on July 27 being met with tear gas, rubber bullets, and sponge grenades. Several students were arrested for possessing potential weapons, most of which are common objects they had no intention on using for harm.


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