Being street smart: What the youth need to know

Being street smart: What the youth need to know

Or how you can keep your adulting game on fleek.

Adulting is no joke. When days seem to get shorter and life becomes extra demanding, being street smart gives us a fighting chance in getting through life’s complexities. Being street smart is the answer to the question, ‘How do I survive this quarter life crisis?’

People who are street smart know their way around and confidently hold their head up high in tough situations. Like the kids in the show Stranger Things and how they were able to save their best bud and their small town from Demogorgons, being street smart is all about having the basic understanding of how the world works —  being on the ground and facing the problem head on, rather than getting caught in the sidelines watching.

Being street smart also means you are not afraid to get your hands dirty to try new things and charge it to experience. It is with this kind of thinking that makes you keen to learn things you can’t just read about in books.  

Clearly, if there’s one good survival tip that one can take in their quarter life crisis or any instance alike, becoming street smart is the way to go to be one-step ahead.

Here are some pointers from street smart millennials on how you can keep your adulting game on fleek:

Volleyball superstar Melissa Gohing challenges you to open yourself to new experiences.

The truth is, life’s great possibilities are always within our reach. While routines aren’t inherently bad, there is always something within us that searches for that greater sense of meaning or excitement. We want new connections and we crave for new adventures.

Maybe we feel stuck. We may not be able to quit our jobs right away or develop new skills readily, but every day contains countless opportunities, all dictated by the choices we make. It all boils down to our willingness to expand our horizons to things that are new to us.

Take a new route going home. Go to that art class that you’ve been wanting to try out. Sign-up for a half marathon race and get that finisher medal. Even just one small change can have a ripple effect on every aspect of your life. You’ll be surprised of the many interesting people you’ll cross paths with and how these new experiences contributed to your new (personal) relationships.

Fashion blogger David Guison wants you to strut your stuff and be confident.

Today, raising confidence levels reads more like an Instagram bio than a series of practical tips. Beyond these mixed messages we see, keeping your head up and becoming confident is actually pretty simple. It is a matter of shifting your perspective and finding the positive in each of your limitations. Once you nurture that positive mind, visible opportunities will come into view. You’ll be surprised when you open your eyes one day, you’ll see yourself ready to unleash your inner Beyoncé or Kanye.

As you continue practicing this with compassion with yourself and others, you will begin to see those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from the success and happiness you deserve.

Why don’t you start with looking the part? It doesn’t take long for your insecurities to manifest themselves in your disheveled clothes and untidy hair. Besides, looking good makes you feel good. Even if you don’t think you deserve to feel good, the truth is – you do!

Adventure junkie Richard Juan pushes you to trust your gut instinct.

In a perfect world, walking alone in strange cities or casually strolling home after midnight can be done without a care. Unfortunately, this is not today’s reality. Though it isn’t expected to experience threats all the time anywhere you go, it is always handy to be alert walking in sketchy places or to walk fast in poorly lit parking garages. Clearly, it’s not rocket science, the only challenge here is putting that conscious effort to keep your gut feel on point in instances like these.

You can start off with acknowledging worst-case scenarios and taking casual steps to prevent them. If your gut tells you that something is not right and you already feel uncomfortable, think and act quick. This doesn’t mean that you have to live in fear and be extra paranoid.

Most of the time, it is unavoidable to encounter instances where we need to navigate our way out of the unknown. While most of us can fend for ourselves, if we want to outlast hazards, trusting your gut is the way to go. We need to master the art of appropriately judging situations and people.

Visual storyteller Janina Manipol encourages you to travel a lot.

Treating yourself to an adventure isn’t as hard as it was before. Go on as many road trips as you can or take advantage of those cheap airfare tickets. It is indeed a good time to explore, so might as well do it while you can.

Traveling can be so much more than just crossing off places in your bucket list. It is your gateway to memorable experiences, the kind that you’ll take with you forever. You can spend the night in a local home stay while you’re at it and save a few bucks on accommodations. You can even learn about new cultures to expand your knowledge. It can also be as simple as trying to surf for the first time and be able to catch your first wave. Next thing you know, when you return home, you do not only bring great memories with you but a lot of new skills, too.

Everyone has the ability of becoming street smart. It’s just a matter of taking little steps to let loose and eventually step out of your comfort zone. It’s okay to be in your bubble once in a while, but it’s even better to be street smart and conquer the world the way you want to.

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