Saved You a Google: Three-year old is latest victim of drug war, Lumads ask for fair labor, Duterte faces impeachment, and Sulu bombing kills eight

The Reed Bank incident two weeks ago opened a can of worms. Our dear, dear President, as usual, has shown us where his true loyalty lies. The drug war grows more intense each day, with its latest casualty being a three-year old girl. Meanwhile, Lumads are still facing unjust labor practices and human rights violations, and oh, there’s also been a suicide bombing in Sulu. What a way to start July. 


Lumads flee from employer due to unjust labor

32 Lumads from Bukidnon who were working in a fishpond in Pangasinan are now camping in the office of the Commision on Human Rights after fleeing from their employer due to unjust labor practices. In a Twitter thread, Kabataan Partylist representative Sarah Elago said that the Lumads were promised a monthly salary of P7,500 and benefits including free food and housing, but were instead only compensated with P1,500. Food expenses were also deducted from the salary. 


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Among the 32 Lumads are 25 children and 8 women, all of whom are currently in need of medical and financial assistance. They are If you want to donate or volunteer, you can coordinate with Nadja De Vera of UMA Filipinas- federation of Agricultural Workers, Inc., via email at [email protected] or via text at 09162436843.


Masses are calling for Duterte’s impeachment after Reed Bank Incident

Following the Reed Bank incident where a Chinese vessel rammed into a Filipino fishing boat, Akbayan Partylist representative Tom Villarin and former foreign affairs secretary Albert Del Rosario are calling for Duterte’s impeachment, citing the incident as a blatant disregard of our sovereignty. Duterte has again and again defended the presence of the Chinese in our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), an area Filipinos should have exclusive rights to. 

Under Section 2, Article XII of the 1987 Constitution, “The State shall protect the nation’s marine wealth in its archipelagic waters, territorial sea, and exclusive economic zone, and reserve its use and enjoyment exclusively to Filipino citizens.” With Duterte’s statements saying that the Chinese presence in the EEZ is okay since they are our “friends”, the call for impeachment is well-founded.

Duterte has faced the media to address the impeachment raps, saying that he will order the arrest of anyone who dares to file an impeachment against him. It’s worth noting that filing for a government official’s impeachment is not a crime, and can be done by just about anyone.


Suicide bombing in Sulu kills eight

The headquarters of the 1st Brigade Command Team in Sulu was bombed by a suicide bomber last Friday, June 28, killing eight people. 12 soldiers and 10 civilians were also wounded in the attack. The Islamic State (IS)  has claimed responsibility for the bombing. The IS group is affiliated with the Abu Sayyyaf, who bombed Marawi two years ago. 

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana issued a statement yesterday, saying that the government will be increasing security in Metro Manila and other urban areas, and warned the public to be more vigilant and watchful of their surroundings.


Three-year old girl is drug war’s latest casualty

Myka Ulpina, a three-year-old girl from Rizal Province died after being shot by the police who were targeting her father during a buy-bust operation. The child was among four casualties of the operation, which also killed her father Renato Dolofrina, his unidentified male companion, and Senior Master Sergeant Conrad Cabigao. 


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This is not the first time that the drug war has claimed the lives of minors. In 2017, the death of 17-year-old Kian Delos Santos sparked an outcry from the masses for the immediate end of the drug war, which mostly targets people from urban-poor areas in Metro Manila.


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