April 24, 2020

Dua Lipa’s brilliant dance-pop on ‘Future Nostalgia’ has been coloring our days in quarantine

Dance parties at home have never been the same.
April 17, 2020

Music for your every self-isolation emotion

We all have different ways of coping, so here’s a playlist for your mind on quarantine.
March 30, 2020

Devices wants you to think about your story so far

On melancholy and learning and living.
March 13, 2020

A musical reimagines ‘Tabing Ilog’ for a new generation

Tides may change, but some things don't.
March 9, 2020

Indie-pop artist Ruru just dropped her new record, and you need to listen to it right now.

21-year-old Denice Quimbo aka Ruru got us all in our feelings.
March 6, 2020

Ebe Dancel marks 20 years in the music scene with his first solo concert

His classic hits have soundtracked many memories.
March 5, 2020

These events will get you out of the house this month

If theater, photography, art, and music won’t get you moving, we don’t know what will.
February 22, 2020

‘Map of the Soul: 7’ is finally here and we’re feeling just fine, fine, fine.

7 came. 7 saw. 7 conquered.
February 21, 2020

Offshore Music’s Ena Mori proves that there’s more to pop than just fluff

She's breaking all the stereotypes with irresistible bops.