Take your Valentine’s date to the biggest book sale yet

Take your Valentine’s date to the biggest book sale yet

Heads up: it’s open 24 hours.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution that I would very much like to stick to: no last-minute pity dates for Valentine’s Day. Yes, I am single. Yes, I may sometimes yearn for some affection. But no, I will not succumb to societal pressures of having a hand to hold or make googly eyes with while we make small talk in a cramped restaurant filled with other couples. 

Another New Year’s resolution? Read more books. So in the interest of hitting two birds with one stone, I am going to spend my Valentine’s Day coursing through racks and racks of books. And okay, fine, I may or may not hope for a meet-cute where I’m going to meet the love of my life when we reach for the last copy of the same book. But that’s just about all the action I will get and hope for. 

With over two million books at 50-90 percent off, this year’s Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the place to go for all book lovers.

This year’s Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is for all us book lovers — and whether you’re a single pringle like me, or in a loving committed relationship, or in the awkward in-betweens, you’re welcome to come and get your fill of all the hard-to-find printed gems. With marked-down prices (50-90 percent off!), a 24- hour opening, and over two million titles to choose from, this ought to be a top-tier Valentine’s Day adventure. You’re welcome. 

Aside from the dizzying number of books to choose from, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is also working hand-in-hand with the Gawad Kalinga Foundation to give away thousands of books to the poor communities in far-flung places in the Philippines. Talk about a match made in heaven.


The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is open from Feb.14- 24 at the World Trade Center. For more information, visit bigbadwolfbook.com.


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