Taste new highball flavors on tap at the Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up Bar

Taste new highball flavors on tap at the Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up Bar

Jim Beam is back on high gear!

The iconic Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up Bar will return on Nov. 12-16 at Eastwood Central Plaza offering an even fresher experience served through the signature highball draft machines from Japan.

Building up from its first introduction earlier this year, the second iteration of the Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up Bar will feature all-new highballs that were inspired by local flavors and designed specifically for the Filipino palate: the Yuzu and Lemongrass Highball, the Calamansi and Pandan Highball, the Pineapple and Basil Highball, and the Mango Spice Highball.

You’ll also see the return of familiar flavors that were available during last year’s pop-up bar in BGC like the Lychee and of course, the Signature Classic Highball.

The Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up Bar at Eastwood City will also feature even more live musical performances by some of the country’s iconic OPM artists such as Ebe Dancel, The Juans, Clara Benin, Better Days and The Vowels they Orbit.

In between listening to these sweet tunes and drinking the freshest highballs, you can also enjoy new games with your friends like the Highball Pong or the Jim Beam Highball Claw Machine! The sought after Make Your Jim Beam Highball booth will be there to give you more reason to enjoy the signature highball. With each purchase of a Highball, you’ll be granted a free chip to play these games and a chance to win some awesome Jim Beam Highball merch and other prizes!

 “We’re so excited to bring back the Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up bar to the lively city that is Manila! Our new flavors are sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more,” said Rayern Goh, Senior Brand Manager at Jim Beam. “Jim Beam Highball is an excellent drink that’s perfectly well-balanced, refreshing, and pairs superbly with so many dishes. We can’t wait to share this with you!”


The Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up Bar at Eastwood Central Plaza will be up from Nov. 12-16! The bar will be open from 6 p.m. to 12 m.n. For more details, visit their Facebook and Instagram. 


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