The Human x Issa Barte launch sparked inspiration and human connections

The Human x Issa Barte launch sparked inspiration and human connections

It was a call to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Photos by Andrea Genota


Say what you want about the possible dangerous effects of the Internet (ok, boomer), but it’s undeniable that it helps people find their community. Sometimes it hap – pens intentionally, but more often than not, we stumble upon people we con – nect with unexpectedly. Take Issa Barte, for example. She used to post her art on her Instagram as a personal project, but through time, her platform transformed into something communal. It became a safe space where people can share their stories without judgment and with full confidence that Issa will treat it with care and compassion. 

What makes you Human? Human x Issa Barte is a collaboration that speaks about human vulnerability and connections.

Her minimalistic illustrations put raw emotion at the forefront. It challenges you to confront your thoughts head-on. This reflection of humanity attracted the clothing brand Human to collaborate with the artist for a new line of apparel. We saw her community on display at the launch event last Nov. 26, in Dulo Poblacion. With beats from Marvelous and No One’s Home, the crowd did what most friends do: talked, drank and danced the night away. The collection was even on hand for people to try.

Issa’s minimalistic art style is the highlight of the Human collaboration.

As the night went on, it became clear that the display’s purpose wasn’t just for people to see the collaboration; it became a conversation starter, something to spark fresh connections, and a reminder that our stories aren’t just our own. We all have shared experiences that we can look back on, and TBH, that night was one to remember.


Check out the Human by Issa collection in select Human stores. Follow @human_official on Instagram for updates. You can find more of Issa’s work on her Instagram at

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