The magic of Unique Salonga, and five more reasons you should see a Karpos Live show

The magic of Unique Salonga, and five more reasons you should see a Karpos Live show

You can say that last week’s Karpos Live Mix 6 was pretty…unique.



Take it from us — Karpos Live shows never fail to deliver. While Mix 5’s CRWN x RAC show had us nostalgic for the simpler days, last week’s Mix 6 showed us a new side of an artist known for his mysterious demeanor, and treated long-time fans to music from a long-awaited musician. Co-headlining the Sept. 1 show were former YS cover boy Unique Salonga and UK-based Jazz/hip-hop artist Jordan Rakei. 

Here are some reasons why you should catch a Karpos Live show.

New music

Make sure to come early for the opening acts. Last Sunday, we fell in love with the smooth sounds of Banna Harbera as they sang favorites like Always Clueless and Sorrys & Goodbyes.

An intimate venue 

The ABS-CBN Vertis Tent might not be as big as an arena, but that only means that any spot is a good spot. You could be right at the barricade! The lighting is transformative, too — a definite plus in our books when we have room to dance and generally have fun with your friends. Who would’ve thought that listening to Mad World in that setting could be such a spiritual experience? 

Long sets

It’s made even better by the fact that both acts share equal headliner responsibilities. This year, they’re continuing their tradition of pairing a homegrown act with an international one.  Jordan Rakei’s set was 14 songs strong, including Wildfire, Say Something, and Blame it on the Youth. We basically enjoyed a Grandma Tour part 2 from Unique who played some new stuff, as well as hits like Mundo, Ozone, We Know, and other psychedelic tunes from his 2018 debut album.

Candid moments 

The Karpos Live Mix 6 audience were surprised to witness Unique going full-on rockstar mode,  thrashing around and hip thrusting to some new music (Lamang Lupa is an absolute BOP to dance to) with a backing band dressed in the same all-white outfits. Meanwhile, Jordan Rakei gave a quick shoutout to his friend (and former Karpos Live headliner) Tom Misch before setting off into his remix of Midnight Mischief

Celebrity sightings

Okay we can’t guarantee that you’ll see an artista at all of the shows, but it’s worth noting that we spotted queen of pop herself, Sarah G, taking a night out to watch Unique’s set with boyfriend Matteo Guidicceli. At one point, the two even sat on the floor and were spotted beaming during Unique’s set. Now we’re hoping for a Tala x Sino mash-up. Is it too much to ask for a collab? 


Check out more photos from Karpos Live Mix 6 below.

Catch Karpos Live Mix 7 with Japanese House and Munimuni on Sept. 12. Follow @KarposLive on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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