The only cheat sheet you need for planning the perfect holiday outfit

The only cheat sheet you need for planning the perfect holiday outfit

Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Dressing up for the holidays is, frankly, one of the very few things that I look forward to during this season. Forget about the gifts from long-lost ninangs and ninongs. Forget about Jose Mari Chan’s hits that play in just about every mall in this country. Forget about the Christmas ham. I may not be that much of a Christmas gal, and I may not even be on Santa’s “Nice” list, but if you send me an invite to a party — any party — you’d best believe I’ll be there, clad in my best holiday fit, ready to dance the night away. 

So if you’re still scrambling for some last-minute holiday outfit shopping ideas, don’t worry — here’s a bit of a cheat sheet for your holiday dressing. You’re welcome.


Comfort is key 

Going from one party to another might as well just be an extreme sport when you’re an adult who’s also got an overfilled plate, so you might wanna opt for a cozy fit this season. Bend the dress code to your will and come in a cozy sweater, or even in your fave shirt of the year from SM Youth. Pair them up with some holiday colors and you’re well on your way to Santa’s “Nice” list. 

Bang for the buc

Shopping sprees are fun, until you check your bank account when you get home. So you might wanna think twice and pick an outfit that you can wear again in the future. We’re all about sustainability here, so go ahead and pick an outfit that you can still wear on days when you feel a little bit extra.

Dress the squad 

Whoever said that matching with your pals is lame is definitely lying. The holidays are all about love and giving — and dressing to the nines, of course — so what better way to do that than by doing it as a group? Even better: your barkada shots will definitely look great for the ‘gram. * * * 



The SM Youth Holiday Collection is now available in all SM Stores nationwide. For more information follow @smyouth on Instagram.


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