This Batangas getaway is only a 90-minute road trip away from Manila

This Batangas getaway is only a 90-minute road trip away from Manila

Enjoy a quirky bus ride, a helicopter tour, and even time on a yacht.

Photos by Neal P. Corpus


With 2019 closing, there seems to be a lot of pressure to look back on the decade that was. There’s also a lot of pressure to plan 10 million friends and family gatherings that should beat your local budots and karaoke party. An end of the decade only comes around every 10 years (literally) so why not spend it doing something a little special. We went on a special land, sea, and air excursion with the folks from Batangas Lakelands and we think that it might be the exact thing you’re looking for. 

The journey starts with a 90-minute road trip from Makati to Malvar, Batangas. Yes, you read that right. It only took us that short to go to a destination that normally takes what, three long hours of trying to play Call of Duty on a bumpy road? Once we arrive at Lima Park Hotel, our driver whisked us away to Amore Point via the Amore Bus, a very colorful, very quirky 24-seater bus that plays great 2000s pop on the road. 

A highlight of the Batangas Lakelands is a heli tour around the Taal Lake and Volcano, where you can see everything from a bird’s eye view.

The next part of our journey involves traveling through water. Amore Point is a jump-off point for your very scenic afternoon cruise to Lakepoint Manakah. Don’t forget to request the yacht with the roof deck; it makes the experience more dramatic and like Titanic. Lakepoint Manakah offers something different than your average beach destination. There are activities like stand-up paddle board and archery, but we have to say, the best part is really the overlooking view of the lake. There are multiple cottages where you can spend some chill time reflecting on your life while scribbling on your bullet journal. Or, well, you can plug-in your portable karaoke on your laptop and sing your heart out. Anything goes on this island, just don’t forget to clean up after yourselves. 

A yacht is available at Amore Point for a day out on the lake, or take you on a quick cruise to Lakepoint Manakah.
The 15-minute heli tour is taken on the Bell 505, which has topto-floor windows that let you take in the view.

If you’re looking for a different view of Batangas though, Batangas Lakelands also offers a helicopter ride. A quick tip: While riding a helicopter sounds hella exciting — because it does — there still has to be safety measures to be taken. Things like sitting through a briefing and holding back on that bulalo and sinaing na tulingan (their specialties) to avoid getting nauseated. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not quite riding a roller coaster. This sky tour is definitely more satisfying than those, but you can’t control the weather and there are times when you can feel your stomach drop. Come to think of it, it might either be the ride or the beauty of Taal Volcano from the top. We don’t think a stopover in Tagaytay will ever match up to this. 


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