This chatbot will answer your COVID-19 questions

This chatbot will answer your COVID-19 questions

Thank you, UP Resilience Institute!

Scrolling through your Twitter feed for COVID-19 updates is An Event. A simple search for policy information, be it about quarantine passes or transportation, will require you to pass through gibberish from the week’s presscon and the day’s DDS troll script first. After all that, you’ll probably end up with scanned government documents — ones that could’ve been presented better. Transparency’s always important, but to make the information clear and in an understandable format is key, too. 

Thankfully, our friends from UP Resilience Institute have us covered. The latest member of their EndCov campaign, Yani the Endcovbot, is ready to help out. Short for bayanihan — a nod to our selfless frontliners — Yani is programmed to answer your questions about the current government’s policies, where to get support for your mental health, and which hospitals are near.

Utilizing the features of Facebook Messenger’s automated replies, Yani will be presenting prompts that’ll get you to the answer you need. Choose from the initial prompts, Therapy/Counseling, COVID-19 Policies, Search for Hospitals, and Yani will give you the information in an instant. The policy information prompt, in particular, is a great way to stay updated: Yani even links the source. The Search for Hospital prompt will make use of the Sharing Location service of Messenger, for an accurate answer. 

You can talk to Yani at (another handy initiative that acts as an understandable resource, complete with graphs, for all things COVID-19, from the COVID-19 trends globally to links of donation drives) or through


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